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Supercharge Your Marketing Efforts Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

Supercharge Your Marketing Efforts

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Often, those using event-­man­agement and attend­ee-­eng­agement software already have the tools they need but fail to maximize their potential. Following are a few simple strategies for boosting your event-­mar­keting efforts with the software and channels you probably have in your toolkit.

Before Your Event

• Use your event website as your marketing hub. Include speaker and session details, encourage app downloads and empower attendees to share inform­ation with social widgets.

• Consider creating a promot­ional video about your event app, with instru­ctions on how to download it and some event highli­ghts.

• Take to social media to promote keynotes, special events and other draws for your confer­ence. Double your efforts by using phrases like, "­Dow­nload the app to learn more." You'll see app adoption go up while promoting important features of your confer­ence.

• Use digital ads on social media and search engines to drive visitors to your website or app. This will increase interest and ultimately lead to more regist­rat­ions.

• Commun­icate the benefits of your conference to attendees via email. Drive app adoption and promote your website using the same method. It's best to break up lots of inform­ation into quick, short emails to be sent over a sustained period of time.

During Your Event

• Use your mobile event app to send push notifi­cations to encourage attendees to visit certain areas, attend important events and visit your spotlight sponsors.

• Embed a social media feed on your digital schedu­le-­at-­a-g­lance. This will encourage attendees to post sessions from the app or website and share photos of the event, all while helping them navigate your confer­ence.

• Devote an entire digital display to being a social media wall. Seeing the live tweets will instill FOMO ("fear of missing out") in your attendees and encourage them to live-tweet or see what people are saying about your event.

• Use your on-site help desk to encourage attendees to use the app to choose sessions or learn more about how to maximize their time at the confer­ence.

• Host a scavenger hunt in your event app to help drive traffic to sponsor booths, facilitate networking among attendees and add an element of fun and compet­ition to your trade show.

After Your Event

• Get valuable insights from attendees using surveys and evalua­tions to determine what worked -- and what didn't -- to inform your strategy for next year. Ask attendees what's important to them, and use that inform­ation to make your progra­mming more relevant in the future. Relevancy always makes marketing easier.

• Distribute event content via conference procee­dings (audio­/video recordings of your conference synchr­onized with presen­tation slides). This can be either a free option or upsell to attendees, depending on your revenue needs. You can also repurpose content from sessions on social media, your blog and through other channels.

• Dive into your data and review stats about attendee demogr­aphics, software usage and intera­ction with specific sessions or activities at your event. Use this inform­ation to improve flow and engagement at future events.