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Social Media Mistakes Every FM Should Avoid Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

Social Media Mistakes Every FM Should Avoid

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


While there are plenty of best practices to follow with regard to your social media presence, it’s also important to make note of mistakes that can happen and learn the best ways to avoid making them. The correct online decorum and presen­tation can help improve your organi­zat­ion’s profile while also encour­aging increased audience engage­ment.

Take a look at these four common mistakes made by FMs and other page managers on social media:

1) Don’t Be Combative

If your page or social media account has received a negative comment or criticism, it’s important to not go on the defensive, even if you’re completely justified.

The best way to handle an individual who is upset and venting on social media is to stay as calm as possible while explaining that you’ll be happy to help resolve their concerns. If their issue involves a sensitive matter, encourage the individual to use the social network’s private messaging function, if available.

2) Don’t Cross-Post from One Platform.

If you use multiple social media platforms for your organi­zation, it can be tempting to create one “post” and paste it across all of your networks at the same time. With each platform offering specific post capabi­lities and having different character limits, post types, and audiences, your post should not be identical across all platforms.

While it may take a few extra moments, tailoring your message to the platform is indisp­ensable on social media. Platforms have different capabi­lities and most social media users can tell when a post has been crafted for a different network than they’re seeing it on.

3) Don’t Ignore Mentions

If a user mentions your page, tweets at you, or asks a question via social media, how should you reply? You should not handle it by ignoring the question – word spreads quickly online and responsive accounts will always be viewed more favorably than unreac­hable ones.

4) Don’t Make Social Media a One-Person Show.

Nothing can derail the discussion on social media quite like a grammar mistake, so it’s crucially important to have a person or people edit your posts before you make them. It’s simply not possible to catch every single error on your own, and you can bet that when you make one, the audience will notice.