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SNF: Suggested Medicare Care Plan Goals Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

SNF: Suggested Medicare Care Plan Goals

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


1. Foster life style consistant with limita­tions.
2. Inhibit preceptive deteri­oration of Cardiac System.
3. Provide balanced regime of medica­tion, nutrition, and supervised activi­ties.


1. Maintain minimal cardiac demand.
2. Stabilize Via digitalis, sedation, and limited activity.
3. Minimize congestive phases with Diuretics, Sodium restri­ction, and weight monito­ring.

Chronic Alcoholism

1. Provide psycho­logical support, plus supervised supportive enviro­nment.
2. Provide nutrit­ional support through dietary intake­,vi­tamin Rx.


1. Increase indepe­ndence plus self esteem.
2. Retrain, maximally, affected side.
3. Rehab. for functional potential, unaffected side.
4. Provide supportive nutrit­ional mainte­nance within confines of limita­tions.


1. Stabilize and maintain diabetic status via insulin plus and dietary controls.
2. Provide supervised enviro­nmental for protection and minimi­zation of compli­cations of diabetic condition.


1. Control of Diastolic pressure range via use of Diuretics and Anti-H­ype­rte­nsive drug regimes, sympat­hetic represents and vasodi­lators.


1. Minimize Psycho­logical stress and deteri­ora­tion.
2. Maximize functional status.
3. Foster self direction with superv­ision.