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Sample Project Scope Document Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


1. Scope of Work

XYZ Company manufa­ctures compre­ssors for the HVACR industry. XYZ currently manufa­ctures two models of compre­ssors and is now seeking to integrate a third model into the existing superv­isory control and data acquis­ition (SCADA) system.

1.1. Definition

This scope of work will provide definition of the project objectives and requir­ements. XYZ will provide a formal functional descri­ption of the coordi­nated operation of the production machines, which will include the sequence of operation for the new compressor model with data descri­ptions data types, addresses, and expected data state/­value exchange descri­ptions for the process contro­llers interface to the SCADA system. The functional descri­ption and sequence of operation will be the contro­lling documents for the develo­pment, integr­ation, and testing of the functions to support the new compressor model in the SCADA system.

1.2. Develo­pment

The SCADA progra­mming will encompass the following items:

Modify the existing SCADA HMI Applic­ation to perform the blue print operations on machines; 1-02, 1-14 and 1-10.
Develop SCADA tags and screens (maximum of 6 including pop-ups) for the new model.
Develop the required SCADA scripts to automate the steps in the process.
Integrate commun­ication between the process contro­llers and SCADA system to comply with the functional descri­ption, sequence of operations and data defini­tions as described.
Integrate linear gage commun­ication for the new model.
Integrate Serial Numbering logic for the new model.
Develop MS SQL Server tables in the existing database for storage of the new model's blue print dimensions and process tool requir­ements.
Configure the SCADA applic­ation to push the data to the MS SQL Server database.
Update the Assembly Line Archit­ecture Document to include the new model.

1.3. Documented testing and training

Verifi­cation of proper functi­onality will be coordi­nated with XYZ, with the functional descri­ption and sequence of operation providing the testing and acceptance criteria.

Offsite prelim­inary testing will include remotely loading the updated software and will require XYZ personnel to provide support during the remote testing. Remote access to the XYZ system will be via a secure VPN connection to the XYZ network. XYZ must host the VPN connec­tion.

Project Scope