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Remove Yourself From Stupid Twitter Lists Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

How Remove Yourself From Stupid Twitter Lists

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Twitter Lists feature allows you to organize your twitter followers. There are different ways that one can use them. You list people in twitter list and other people list you in their twitter list too.

So its great to be listed in twitter list! but what happens if you’ve been listed under a list that offended you? Of course you’ve been love on twitter. Most likely there are some people that might not love you the way others do.

So they created and put you in a list that might “hurt” you.

Removal from a Likeminded Poster List

If you wish to be removed from a like­minded poster's list, just send them a DM explaining and ask them to remove you.
See Warning on the Removal Steps

Android with Twitter mobile app

If using Android with Twitter mobile app, you won’t be able to see the lists you’ve been added to using the Twitter mobile app. You may be able to view the lists using browser access on your device. If you have an android mobile device you can download chrome, go to Twitter, request desktop site, then you can access lists and analytics. Otherwise, you will need to use a computer, or trade-in for an Apple device

Removal Steps

1. Click on the twitter list that you’ve been listed on.
2. Click on the user/t­wit­terer that created that list
3. Click BLOCK
4. Click UNBLOCK
5. Done! Check your twitter list and you’re not in the “stupid mustaches” or list that you don’t want anymore.
Warn­ing There are some things that you need to know, blocking and unblocking will cause both of you to unfollow each other on twitter. That means you won’t be following them and they won’t be follow you anymore.

Notes About Trolls

Trolls add folks to insulting lists sometimes as just a way of flinging an insult your way. Other times, their intent is to share their list of enemies with other trolls to increase the number of insults hurled at you or even to send hackers your way. It is the use of public lists by trolls that people object to and are seeking to fend off when they threaten to block if added to a list.

Remove Followers

Tips to Control Your Twitter Account

Is your Twitter account unmana­geable?
Clean up your followers
Protect against Trolls
Protect against Marketers
A well-m­anaged Twitter account improves your branding and helps you engage with your audience

Follow and Allow to Follow

Those tweeting on similar topics as you do, such as Tweeting about conser­vative issues and events? If a new follower appears who tweets on other topics consider blocking them.

Block & Unfollow Irrelevant Accounts - Marketers

Allowing them to follow only invites more. This includes health and beauty tips as well as most authors. I block most marketers with a few except­ions, namely those in the firearm industry. Those marketers tend to be run by Conser­vatives and strongly support our 2nd Amendment rights.

Block Accounts Tweeting Quotes, Jokes and

Block Accounts that tweet quotes, platit­udes, homilies and jokes.
These are truly bot accounts and often the identical tweet streams appear on multiple accounts.

Block and Unfollow Random type accounts

The ones that tweet beautiful pictures of beaches, resorts and animals. They are usually camouflage for marketers and malware.

Delete Your Off-topic Tweets

Part of cleaning up Twitter is clearing out the stuff that you no longer want people to see. We’ve probably all posted a few dumb tweets or tweets with typos. So while you’re not yet able to edit them, you can delete them.
To Remove a tweet, click the ellipsis underneath it. Then select Delete Tweet.

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