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Red Flags Your Child is Becoming an Addict Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

Red Flags That Your Son or Daughter is Becoming an Addict in College

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Sending your child to college is always a little scary, but you have to try to trust that you have taught them right from wrong. Yet, what do you do if you suspect that they might be using drugs or alcohol? Here, are eight big red flags that your child needs your help to avoid falling prey to addiction in college.

By the time you notice red flags, it is important to act quickly. Talk to your child about your concerns, and be prepared with treatment options that can get them back on track. By seeking help early in the stages of addiction, your child has a better chance at recovery.

Catch References on Social Media

Your child may try to hide their experi­men­tation with drugs or alcohol, yet signs are bound to slip through. Look for pictures of them at parties with drinks in their hand, or you might notice that their expression just seems off.

Their Grades are Dropping

At first, your child may be able to keep it together, but they will eventually start missing class and failing tests once addiction takes over their life. A sudden drop in grades is a big clue that it is time to talk.

They Switched Cliques

During college, it’s normal to meet new friends and try out different person­ali­ties. However, suddenly hanging out with the edgy crowd is never a good sign.

You Hardly Know Them Anymore

When they come home for a visit, your normally energetic child just wants to sleep. Altern­ati­vely, your shy little wallflower is suddenly brash and abrasive. Either way, major person­ality changes may be more than just your kid finding themse­lves.

Money is Missing

Learning to manage finances is a big part of college, but stealing or blowing through tuition funds is not okay. If you notice money going missing, then it may be for drugs and not just clothes.

Privileged Addict

They Have Legal Troubles

Addiction can rob your child of the ability to think ration­ally, and they may end up in jail for driving while intoxi­cated. Vehicle accidents, being caught for theft and academic dishonesty are other potential problems that could indicate drugs or alcohol are involved.

You Find Evidence

Maybe your child came home with bottles in their laundry bag, or a pipe fell out of their pocket. While they may say it was just their roommates, the odds are that it’s theirs.

You Sense Someth­ing’s Off

After two decades of raising your child, you have a strong sense when they are lying or hiding something. If your intuition is on high alert, then your child could already be dealing with a problem.