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reasons lighting controls commissioning goes bad Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

reasons lighting controls commissioning goes bad

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


To ensure complex systems function as intended, a formal commis­sioning process needs to be establ­ished.

!0 Reasons

1. The electrical engineer didn’t consult with the owner/­per­tinent stakeh­olders to confirm project requir­ements prior to developing the basis of design.

2. An unclear sequence of operation (SOO) for the equipment that was specified.

3. The electrical engineer didn’t understand the capabi­lities of what they specified or approved as a substi­tution.

4. The engineer didn’t specify source­-co­ntrol requir­ements.

5. Lack of commun­ica­tio­n/c­oor­din­ation when integr­ation with other systems is required.

6. The controls manufa­cturer was not involved during precon­str­uction, doesn’t create projec­t-s­pecific instal­lation drawings, or doesn’t assist during creation of the prefun­ctional checklist and functional test scripts. The CxA and/or contractor says, “I can do it without the manufa­ctu­rer’s help.”

7. Attempting to shorten the schedule by combining prefun­ctional inspec­tions and functional testing.

8. The CxA and contractor attempted to perform functional testing post-o­ccu­pancy.

9. Inadequate user training and docume­ntation in the operation and mainte­nance (O&M) of the lighting control system.

10. A post-o­ccu­pancy evaluation visit never happens.