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QAPI: Mission Statement Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

Guiding Principles of QAPI Mission Statement

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


A purpose statement describes how QAPI will support the overall vision and mission of the organi­zation. If your organi­zation does not have a vision or mission statement, the purpose statement can still be written and would state what your organi­zation intends to accomplish through QAPI.

For example, the purpose of QAPI in our organi­zation is to take a proactive approach to contin­ually improving the way we care for and engage with our residents, caregivers and other partners so that we may realize our vision to [reference aspects of vision statement here]. To do this, all employees will partic­ipate in ongoing QAPI efforts which support our mission by [reference aspects of mission statement [here].

Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles describe the organi­zat­ion’s beliefs and philosophy pertaining to quality assurance and perfor­mance improv­ement. The principles should guide what the organi­zation does, why it does it and how. For example:

Guiding Principle #1: QAPI has a prominent role in our management and Board functions, on par with monitoring reimbu­rsement and maximizing revenue.
Guiding Principle #2: Our organi­zation uses quality assurance and perfor­mance improv­ement to make decisions and guide our day-to-day operat­ions.
Guiding Principle #3: The outcome of QAPI in our organi­zation is the quality of care and the quality of life of our residents.
Guiding Principle #4: In our organi­zation, QAPI includes all employees, all depart­ments and all services provided.
Guiding Principle #5: QAPI focuses on systems and processes, rather than indivi­duals. The emphasis is on identi­fying system gaps rather than on blaming indivi­duals.
Guiding Principle #6: Our organi­zation makes decisions based on data, which includes the input and experience of caregi­vers, residents, health care practi­tio­ners, families, and other stakeh­olders.
•Guiding Principle #7:** Our organi­zation sets goals for perfor­mance and measures progress toward those goals.
Guiding Principle #8: Our organi­zation supports perfor­mance improv­ement by encour­aging our employees to support each other as well as be accoun­table for their own profes­sional perfor­mance and practice.
Guiding Principle #9: Our organi­zation has a culture that encour­ages, rather than punishes, employees who identify errors or system breakd­owns.
Add any additional Guiding Principles that may be important to your nursing home. Review the five QAPI elements to ensure you identify and capture guiding principles for your organi­zation.

QAPI Principles