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Principles for Trusted Exchange Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

Principles for Trusted Exchange

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


General principles that provide guardrails to engender trust
between Health Inform­ation Networks (HINs). Six (6) categories

Part A: Principles for Trusted Exchange

» Principle 1 - Standa­rdi­zation:
Adhere to industry and federally recognized standards, policies, best practices, and proced­ures.

» Principle 2 - Transp­arency:
Conduct all exchange openly and transp­are­ntly.

» Principle 3 - Cooper­ation and Non-Di­scr­imi­nation:
Collab­orate with stakeh­olders across the continuum of care to exchange electronic health inform­ation, even when a stakeh­older may be a business compet­itor.

» Principle 4 - Security and Patient Safety:
Exchange electronic health inform­ation securely and in a manner that promotes patient safety and ensures data integrity.

» Principle 5 - Access:
Ensure that patients and their caregivers have easy access to their electronic health inform­ation.

» Principle 6 - Data-d­riven Accoun­tab­ility:
Exchange multiple records at one time to enable identi­fic­ation and trending of data to lower the cost of care and improve the health of the population

Part B: Minimum Required Terms & Conditions

A minimum set of terms and conditions for the purpose of ensuring that common practices are in place and required of all partic­ipants who partic­ipate in the Trusted Exchange Framework, including:

» Common authen­tic­ation processes of trusted health inform­ation network partic­ipants;
» A common set of rules for trusted exchange;
» A minimum core set of organi­zat­ional and operat­ional policies to enable the exchange of electronic health inform­ation among networks.