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Photoshop Tips Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Set DPI to Match Printer Output

Set DPI (dots per inch) to match the printer output and to keep the file sizes as small as possible.

To find the ideal image DPI;
Printer DPI / 2 + 100 DPI = Ideal Image DPI

In Photoshop make this select­ions: Make sure file size is not selected.
Image Menu > Choose Image Size.
Resolution > Change to desired DPI.

Print Image and repeat adjust­ments as needed for desired output.

'Index "­Photos to reduce File size

"­Ind­ex" Photos to use a 256 (8-bit) color palette

Mode Menu > Choose Indexed Color
Select 8 Bits, Adaptive

Scan or Reduce Photos to "­Siz­e"

Scan or reduce photos to "­siz­e" to size for other programs so they will not have to be enlarged or reduced when the programs are used.

Change the Scale Settings at the time of scanning.
If the scanning does not provide for Reducing or Enlarging Images, use Photos­hop's Image Size Command to change width or Height to the actual photo needed in you page layout or presen­tation program.

Adjust Monitor Color Balance to Match Printer

Use the Gamma utility program shipped with Photoshop to change your monitor color balance to match your printer Output.

Print a repres­ent­ative color image on the color printer.
Save the printout to a file.
Open the image on your screen.
use Gamma utility and move the Red, Green and Blue sliders to adjust the color balance of your monitor to closely match the colors of the printer output.