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Patient Assessment Tool--Home Safety Checklist Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

Checklist for a safe home for patient

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Any "­no" answers indicate a potent­ially dangerous situation in your home. Try to correct them AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to prevent a fall or other accident!


Do you clean up spills as soon as they occur?
Do you keep floors and stairways clean and free of clutter?
Do you put away books, magazines, sewing supplies and other objects as soon as you're through with them and never leave them on floors or stairways?
Do you store frequently used items on shelves that are within easy reach?


Do you keep everyone from walking on freshly washed floors before they're dry?
If you wax floors, do you apply 2 thin coats and buff each thoroughly or else use self-p­oli­shing, nonskid wax?
Do all small rugs have nonskid backings?
Have you eliminated small rugs at the tops and bottoms of stairways?
Are all carpet edges tacked down?
Are rugs and carpets free of curled edges, worn spots and rips?
Have you chosen rugs and carpets with short, dense pile?
Are rugs and carpets installed over good-q­uality, medium­-thick pads?


Do you use a rubber mat or nonslip decals in the tub or shower?
Do you have a grab bar securely anchored over the tub or on the shower wall?
Do you have a nonskid rug on bathroom floor?
Do you keep soap in an easy-t­o-reach recept­acle?


Can you walk across every room in your home, and from one room to another, without detouring around furniture?
Is the traffic lane from your bedroom to the bathroom free of obstacles?
Are telephone and appliance cords kept away from areas where people walk?


Do you have light switches near every doorway?
Do you have enough good lighting to eliminate shadowy areas?
Do you have a lamp or light switch within easy reach from your bed?
Do you have night lights in your bathroom and in the hallway leading from your bedroom to the bathroom?
Are all stairways well lighted?
Do you have light switches at both the tops and bottoms of stairways?


Do securely fastened handrails extend the full length of the stairs on each side of stairways?
Do rails stand out from the walls so you can get a good grip?
Are rails distinctly shaped so you're alerted when you reach the end of a stairway?
Are all stairways in good condition, with no broken, sagging or sloping steps?
Are all stairway carpeting and metal edges securely fastened and in good condition?
Have you replaced any single­-level steps with gradually rising ramps or made sure such steps are well lighted?


Do you have a sturdy step stool that you use to reach high cupboard and closet shelves?
Are all ladders and step stools in good condition?
Do you always use a step stool or ladder that's tall enough for the job?
Before you climb a ladder or step stool, do you always make sure it's fully open and that the stepladder spreaders are locked?
When you use a ladder or step stool, do you face the steps and keep your body between the side rails?
Do you avoid standing on top of a step stool or climbing beyond the second step from the top on a stepla­dder?


Are walks and driveways in your yard and other areas free of breaks?
Are lawns and gardens free of holes?
Do you put away garden tools and hoses when they're not in use?
Are outdoor areas kept free of rocks, loose boards and other tripping hazards?
Do you keep outdoor walkways, steps and porches free of wet leaves and snow?
Do you sprinkle icy outdoor areas with deicers as soon as possible after a snowfall or freeze?
Do you have mats at doorways for people to wipe their feet on?
Do you know the safest way of walking when you can't avoid walking on a slippery surface?


Do your shoes have soles and heels that provide good traction?
Do you wear house slippers that fit well and don't fall off?
Do you avoid walking in stocking feet?
Do you wear low-heeled oxfords, loafers or good-q­uality sneakers when you work in your house or yard?
Do you replace boots or galoshes when their soles or heels are worn too smooth to keep you from slipping on wet or icy surfaces?


Are you always alert for unexpected hazards such as out-ot­-place furniture?
If young grandc­hildren visit, are you alert for children playing on the floor and toys left in your path?
If you have pets, are you alert for sudden movements across your path and pets getting underfoot?
When you carry bulky packages, do you make sure they don't obstruct your vision?
Do you divide large loads into smaller loads whenever posssible?
When you reach or bend, do you hold onto a firm support and avoid throwing your head back or turning it too far?
Do you always use a ladder or step stool to reach high places and never stand on a chair?
Do you always move delibe­rately and avoid rushing to answer the phone or doorbell?
Do you take time to get your balance when you change position from lying down to sitting and from sitting to standing?
Do you hold onto grab bars when you change position in the tub or shower?
Do you keep yourself in good condition with moderate exercise, good diet, adequate rest and regular medical checkups?
If you wear glasses, is your prescr­iption up to date?
Do you know how to reduce injury in a fall?
If you live alone, do you have daily contact with a friend or neighbor?