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Office365: Request Time Off Addon Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

Addon for Office365 to subject requests for time off.

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Paid TimeOff (PTO) Request Replace your company’s Time-Off form with the PTO e-Mail message in this Outlook Add -in. The PTO function provides a template based on the paper forms, that most businesses use for requesting vacation and paid time off.

The template includes fields for entering the number and type of days that are being requested. The form will verify that the total number of hours corres­ponds to the total time in the days requested, account for nonbus­iness days and . Once completed, the template generates an email message with the requested times and days.

This is a simple way for companies that do not have human resource software to handle Time Off Requests.

1. Specify Vacation Period Requested

1. Enter the Starting Date
2. Enter the Ending Date
3. Enter the Date of Return to Work

2. Which Earned Time is Being Taken

Select how you are paid: Hourly or Weekly

3. Amount of Time to be Taken by Category

Enter the Hours or Days to be taken from earned paid time off.
Then Specify the Category of Paid TimeOff from hours/days accumu­lated. H/R deducts the amount of time from this Category upon paying the benefit.

4. Click on Ok Button to Generate Messsage

The addon will generate the inform­ation directly into the body of the email. Once in the email it can be edited if necessary or notes can be added.

5. Click on Reset to Clear Form

Click on the Reset button to clear all the field.
If the message was generated and added to the email, clicking Reset will clear the template and the email message.

RTO Template

Resulting eMail Message