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Needed for a Jewish Circumcision Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

Needed for a Jewish Circumcision

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Prepar­ations For Bris

Disposable diapers (12 if bris is away from home)
Two cloth diapers (burping cloths)
Baby wipes
One bottle red sweet kosher wine
One box 3x3 gauze pads
Two tubes neosporin ointment
Dress baby in easy open-a­t-t­he-­bottom outfit
No feedings one hour prior to scheduled bris
No ointme­nt/­creams on front of baby's diaper
A+D/De­sitin are only to be applied to baby's bottom)

Honors During the Bris Ceremony

Kvat­ter­-in: Brings the baby into room on special pillow (provided by the Mohel) where bris is to be performed (can be one or two people)
Elijah's Chair: Once baby arrives and is welcomed, someone places the baby (while still on the pillow) on a chair designated as Elijah's Chair (baby is there for only a few seconds)
Pare­nts: remove the baby from the pillow and off the chair and present him to the Sandek (the person who will hold the baby during the bris). The bris can be performed on a table (no smaller than a bridge table) or on the Sandek's lap, depending on the comfort level of the parents and the Sandek. If the bris is to be done on the table, the parents place the baby on the table at this point. If it will be performed on the Sandek's lap, the Mohel will prepare the firm pillow to serve as a surface on the Sandek's lap, and the parents will then place the baby on the Sandek's lap.
Sand­ek: Person holding the baby's legs during the bris.
Baby Naming: Someone will hold the baby after the bris for the Hebrew naming.
Kvat­ter­-out: After the ceremony, someone will take the baby back to his room/or the parent's room where he will then be able to eat. (can be more than one person if necessary.


Warning: This procedure must be performed by a Profes­sional Mohel trained in the proper techniques and care.