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MS Outlook: While You Were Out Message Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

Using While You Were Out Template

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Introd­uction While You Were Out (WYWO)

Windows Outlook Addon that replaces the phone message pad with a template in our e-Mail message this Outlook. The WYWO templates provides a replac­ement to the paper forms, used by businesses for taking phone messages.

The template includes fields for entering caller’s contact inform­ation, selecting reasons for calls, and a text message. Once completed, press the Ok button to generate an email with corres­ponding selections made on the template.
Copyright June 2017 Retour, Inc.

1. Name Field

Enter the Caller's name.
The Most Recently Used (MRU) list of names displays if available.
Pro Version: If phone number is in your Contacts, the Caller Name, Job Title, eMail Address and Company fields are Auto-F­illed.

2. Company Name

Enter the Caller's Company name.
Pro Version: If the Caller is in the Contacts, the Company Name will be auto-f­illed.

3. Phone Number

Enter the Caller's Call Back number
Pro Version: If the Phone number is in your Contacts, the Caller Name, Job Title, eMail Address and Company fields are Auto-F­­illed if blank.

4. Email

Enter Caller's email addres­s.Must be a well formed email address.
Pro Version: If the Caller is in your Contacts, the Address auto-f­ills.

Generated Email Message

Subject Line: Includes “WYWO:” followed by the Contact Name, phone number & company name. It's easy to identify WYWO phone messages. Searching and sorting can group WYWO messages together.
Dialing Function: Touch the phone in generated email. WYWO message display to dial the phone number.
Pro Version WYWO checks your contact folders and auto-fills data to better identify the Contact and their inform­ation.

5. Sceduling Request

Enter the data and time request to be scheduled. User can click on the attached vcf file to add the request to their Calendar.

WYWO Template

Resulting eMail Message

eMail message includes vcard and calendar attach­ments