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Morisky Scale (Medication Adherence) Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

Morisky Scale for Medication Adherence

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


The Morisky scale is a validated scale designed to estimate the risk of medication non-ad­her­ence. It has been cited in over 70 articles since its public­ation in 1986. It’s used for many different diseases such as hypert­ension, hyperl­ipi­demia, asthma, and HIV. Scores are based on patient responses to four, Yes or No questions.
Source: Morisky DE, Green LW, Levine DW. Concurrent and predictive validity of a self-r­eported measure of medication adherence. Medical Care 1986;2­4:67-74

Morisky Scale Questions

1. Do you ever forget to take your medicine?
2. Are you careless at times about taking your medicine?
3. When you feel better, do you sometimes stop taking your medicine?
4. Sometimes if you feel worse when you take the medicine, do you stop taking it?
Total Score

Scoring the Morisky Scale

Yes=0 and No=1

• Zero is the lowest level of medication adherence
• 4 is the highest level of medication adherence
• Patients scoring 0 or 1 would benefit most from pharmacist interv­ention
• Goal: screen for those in which your pharmacist time should be spent on enhancing adherence

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