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Manifesto for Data Practices Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

Manifesto for Data Practices

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


We believe these values and princi­ples, taken together, describe the most effective, ethical, and modern approach to data teamwork.

Data Manifesto - Values

Manifesto Values

Maximize diversity, connec­tivity, and access­ibility among data projects, collab­ora­tors, and outputs.

Emphasize contin­uously iterative testing and data analysis.

Behave ethically and transp­are­ntly, fix mistakes quickly, and hold ourselves and others accoun­table.

Prioritize projects with well-d­efined goals, and design them to achieve measur­able, substa­ntive outcomes.


As data teams, we aim to...

1. Use data to improve life for our users, customers, organi­zat­ions, and commun­ities.

2. Create reprod­ucible and extensible work.

3. Build teams with diverse ideas, backgr­ounds, and strengths.

4. Prioritize the continuous collection and availa­bility of discus­sions and metadata.

5. Clearly identify the questions and objectives that drive each project and use to guide both planning and refine­ment.

6. Be open to changing our methods and conclu­sions in response to new knowledge.

7. Recognize and mitigate bias in ourselves and in the data we use.

8. Present our work in ways that empower others to make better­-in­formed decisions.

9. Consider carefully the ethical implic­ations of choices we make when using data, and the impacts of our work on indivi­duals and society.

10. Respect and invite fair criticism while promoting the identi­fic­ation and open discussion of errors, risks, and unintended conseq­uences of our work.

11. Protect the privacy and security of indivi­duals repres­ented in our data.

12. Help others to understand the most useful and approp­riate applic­ations of data to solve real-world problems.