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Magical Marketing Words Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

Special words to use in marketing

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Certain words and phrases are time-t­ested to boost response and conversion rates almost across the board. Of course, different motivating words and phrases work better in different situat­ions, and it’s up to you to figure out which work best for your business. It isn’t all that difficult to figure out, though: If your intuition doesn’t tell you, your customers will.

They key to success is to combine these words into phrases that trigger buying behavior. For example: “Get real results instantly – 100% money-back guarantee – act now!” Keep your copy short and sweet, play on emotional triggers with these words and phrases, and you’ll increase your conversion and response rates.


You - Write as though you’re speaking to the customer and about the customer, not about yourself.
Because - Give customers a reason why they need to take action.
Free - “Because” we all like free things, right?
Value - This implies customers are getting something versus losing something (i.e. money when you say “cost” or “price”).
Guaranteed - Give customers a guarantee to minimize risk percep­tion, so they feel they have everything to gain and nothing to lose.
Amazing - Customers will respond to something that is incred­ible.
Easy - Make it simple for customers to take the next step in the purchasing process, and let them know how much easier life will be with your product or service.
Discover - This implies there is something new and unknown to the customer, something that has supreme benefits and gives them an edge.
Act now - Motivate an immediate response with a limite­d**time offer.
Everything includ­ed/­eve­rything you need - This establ­ishes that your product or service is all your customers will have to buy in order to achieve their goal.
Never - Point out a “negative benefit,” such as “never worry again” or “never overpay again.”
New - Your product or service is the cutting edge in your industry.
Save - The most powerful word to showcase monetary savings, or even time savings.

Magic Words in Marketing

Words (conti­nued)

Proven - Remind customers that your product, service or business is triedandtrue.
Safe and effective - “Proven” to minimize risk perception for health and monetary loss.
Powerful - Let customers know that your business, product or service is robust.
Real result­s/g­uar­anteed results - Your customers want results, after all.
Secret - Not everyone succeeds, and there are secrets to success. Let customers know you can reveal those secrets.
The - This implies your solution is the “endallbe**all.” Consider the differ­ence: “3 Solutions for Marketing Succes­s”/”The 3 Solutions for Marketing Success.”
Instant -Instant access or downloads are more appealing than waiting.
How to - Start off with a solution so customers read the rest of your copy.
Elite -Your customers are among the best in the world. Invite newbies to join a highly desirable club.
Premium - Premium helps denote high quality.
Caused by - If your marketing literature builds a case for your product, transi­tional phrases such as “caused by,” “there­fore,” and “thus” can help reinforce the logic of a purchase.
More - Do you offer more than your compet­itors? Let your customers know, because they want the best deal, after all.
Bargain - Because customers want a great deal, remember?
No obligation - Create a win**win situation for your customers.
100% money-back guarantee - Again, no risk.
Huge - A large discount or outsta­nding offer is difficult to resist.
Wealth - If you’re selling products and services related to money, wealth is a desirable word for customers.