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Long Term Care - Terms & Abbreviations Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

Terms and Abbreviation used in Long Term Care

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Abbrev­aition & Term

A Ambulatory
AARP American Associ­ation of Retired Persons
A/D Alzhei­mer's & Dementia Care
ADC Adult Daycare
AFAC Alternate Family Care
AL Assisted Living
ALF Adult Living Facility
ALZ Alzhei­mer­'s/­Related Dementia Care
ANM Aggressive Nutrit­ional Management
APT Apartment Living
BVH Behavioral Health
CAHC Commis­sionon Accred­itation for Home Care
CC Continuum of Care
CCAC Continuing Care Accred­itation Commission
CCRC Continuing Care Retirement Community
CHHA Certified Home Health Aides
CHAP Community Health Acer. Pro.
CM Case Management
CNA Certified Nurse Assistant
CPC Compre­hensive Personal Care
CUS Custodial Care
DAY Day Care
DME Durable Medical Equipment
GER Geriatric Assessment
HIV Human Immuno­def­iency Virus Care
HC Home Care
HHA Home Health Aides
HMO Health Mainte­nance Organi­zation
HOS Hospice Care
ICF Interm­ediate Care
IL Indepe­ndent Living
IND Indepe­ndent Living
INP Inpatient Care
IV Intrav­enous Therapy
JCAHO Joint Commission on Accred­itation of Healthcare Organi­zations
LPN Licensed Practical Nurse
LTC Long Term Care

Abbrev­ation & Term

MC Managed Care
MED Medically Complex
MSW Medical Social Worker
NA Non-Am­bul­atory or Nursing Aide
N/A Not Available or Not Applic­ation
NH Nursing Home
NF Nursing Facility
NP Non-Pa­rti­cip­ating in Medicare or Medicaid
OT Occupa­tional Therapy
PAL Person­alized Assisted Living
PCA Personal Care Assistant
PER Personal Care
PSY Psychi­atric Care
PT Physical Therapy
PUL Pulmonary Care
PVT Private Duty
REHAB Rehabi­lit­ation
RES Reside­ntial Care
RET Retirement Living
RHB Rehabi­lit­ation Therapy
RHCF Reside­ntial Health Care
RN Registered Nurse
RSP Respite Care
RT Respir­atory Therapy
SC Sheltered Care
SCU Special Care Unit
SN Skilled Nursing
SNF Skilled Nursing Facility
SSF Super Skilled Facility
ST Speech Therapy
STR Short Term Rehabi­lit­ation
SUB Sub-Acute Care
SUP Superv­isory Care
TCH Trache­ostomy Care
TPN Total Parenteral Nutrition
VA Veteran's Admini­str­ation Contract
VENT Ventil­ation Therapy
VNA Visiting Nurses Associ­ation
WC Wound Care
WSS Wandering Security System

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