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Koch Industries Statement of Corporate Principles Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

Koch Industries Statement of Corporate Principles

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Introd­uction - One proven approach.

Market­-Based Management is a way for organi­zations to succeed by helping others improve their lives. It is the business philosophy and framework that we apply to innovate, improve and transform ourselves in order to create greater value and have fulfil­lment. Our MBM Guiding Principles are who we are as a company and they guide everything we do.

Ten princi­ples.

1. Integr­ity: Conduct all affairs with integrity, for which courage is the founda­tion.

2. Compli­ance: Strive for 10,000% compliance with all laws and regula­tions, which requires 100% of employees fully complying 100% of the time. Stop, think and ask.

3. Value Creati­on: Create long-term value by the economic means for customers, the company and society. Apply MBM® to achieve superior results by making better decisions, pursuing safety and enviro­nmental excell­ence, elimin­ating waste, optimizing and innovating

4. Principled Entrep­ren­eur­shi­p™: Apply the judgment, respon­sib­ility, initia­tive, economic and critical thinking skills, and sense of urgency necessary to generate the greatest contri­bution, consistent with the company’s risk philos­ophy.

5. Customer Focus: Understand and develop relati­onships with customers to profitably anticipate and satisfy their needs.

6. Knowle­dge: Seek and use the best knowledge and proact­ively share your knowledge while embracing a challenge process. Develop measures that lead to profitable action.

7. Change: Anticipate and embrace change. Envision what could be, challenge the status quo and drive creative destru­ction through experi­mental discovery.

8. Humili­ty: Exemplify humility and intell­ectual honesty. Constantly seek to understand and constr­uct­ively deal with reality to create value and achieve personal improv­ement. Hold yourself and others accoun­table.

9. Respect: Treat others with honesty, dignity, respect and sensit­ivity. Appreciate the value of diversity. Encourage and practice teamwork.

10. Fulfil­lme­nt: Find fulfil­lment and meaning in your work by fully developing your capabi­lities to produce results that create the greatest value.

Market­-Based Management