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Key Qualities of an HR Manager Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

Key Qualities of an HR Manager

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Human resources (HR) is a great field for driven, organized indivi­duals who are interested in helping businesses reach their goals and helping employees reach their potential. Almost all companies have some form of a human resources depart­ment, and as the business world becomes more and more focused on developing human capital, HR profes­sionals are in demand. If you are consid­ering a career in HR, part of your job respon­sib­ilities will be to identify candidates for employment that have the charac­ter­istics that will make them successful in the role for which you are hiring. However, at Concordia Univer­sity, St. Paul we know that it is important to understand HR qualities as well. Read on to find out what it takes to be successful as an HR manager and to see if your own traits match up.

1. Organi­zation

One of the most important charac­ter­istics of HR profes­sionals is the ability to get organized. This includes strong time management skills and the ability to complete tasks effici­ently. On a typical day, you’ll be balancing a variety of different tasks, ranging from hiring and firing, dealing with employees’ personal issues and creating recrui­tment strategies for open positions. Multit­asking is key, as well as self-d­isc­ipline. You’ll need to set ethical and behavioral standards for others to follow, and make sure you are following them as well. HR profes­sionals also manage deadlines and accomplish tasks quickly so that both employee and employer needs are met.

2. Ethics

In a lot of ways, the HR department of a company serves as its consci­ence. This means that you’ll need to have a keen sense of ethics when it comes to confid­ential inform­ation and following company policies. HR profes­sionals have to earn the trust of company employees and executives so that they can effect­ively do their job; honesty and discretion are key components of any successful HR depart­ment.

3. Commun­ication

A primary function of all HR profes­sionals is facili­tating commun­ication between employers and employees. This means that both your oral and written commun­ication skills need to be sharp so that you can relay inform­ation clearly and effect­ively to employees at all levels. Part of the commun­ication requir­ements also involves negoti­ation. During the hiring process, or when conflicts arise between employees, successful HR pros are able to help opposing groups compromise and find middle ground.

Key Qualities

Problem solving

In order for businesses to function at their best, the HR department must ensure that indivi­duals with different person­alities can work together civilly and accomplish company goals. Also, in order to accomplish the other tasks required of you as an HR profes­sional, you have to be skilled at conflict management and diffusing tense or combative situat­ions.

5. Expertise

Successful HR profes­sionals are experts on their company’s industry. This will enable you to make informed recrui­tment and hiring decisions, as well as have a context for company guidelines and policies. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the fact that HR profes­sionals are business profes­sionals as well. Just because you won’t be working in the accounting department doesn’t mean you don’t need a clear idea of how your company works and the business processes that structure it.

6. Leadership

In many situat­ions, employees look to HR profes­sionals for answers and leader­ship. The nature of many HR positions is that you’ll be seen as an expert on a wide variety of compan­y-r­elated topics, so you’ll need to have the confidence to lead. This can mean anything from finding the answers to employee concerns to putting together a team to run a local 5K race for charity. The best HR profes­sionals can balance being a friendly presence in the office with taking control and helping things run smoothly.

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