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Key Elements of a Successful Cold Call Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

Key Elements of a Successful Cold Call

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Cold calling is a necessary activity that many salesp­eople dread, as it requires a great deal of persis­tence and typically results in plenty of rejection. However, effective cold calling can make the difference between sales success and failure. Any successful cold calling process should include several basic elements that help the salesp­erson get in the door and ultimately make the sale


Taking the time to prepare for a cold call helps you relax and gives you a boost of confid­ence. Practice your sales pitch on your co-wor­kers, friends or family members until you have perfected it. Learn as much as possible about your prospect in advance to help you establish rapport. If you are making a cold call to a business, take a few minutes to browse its website to learn about its products and services.

Asking Permission

Asking permission to speak to the prospect is a cold call element that many salesp­eople overlook, according to Ron LaVine, president of Accele­rated Cold Call Training Inc. If the prospect indicates that now is not a good time to speak with you, attempt to establish a time where the prospect is willing and able to give you her undivided attention.

Grabbing Attention

You generally only have a few seconds to grab you prospect's attention during a cold call. After identi­fying yourself and your company, make a succinct statement or ask a pertinent question that resonates with the prospect. For example, when you make a cold call to a business, say "­Would you be interested in increasing your revenues by 20 percent over the next six months­?"

Questi­oning and Listening

Your presen­tation should include open-ended questions that draw the prospect out and identify his needs. Common questions can begin with, "How do you currently handle...?­" or "What do you think about...?­" By carefully listening to the prospect's responses, you'll be able to gauge his interest while engaging in a conver­sation that can pave the way for future action

Cold Call: Best Times to Call

Moving Forward

If the cold call results in an interested prospect, you're ready to move forward with the next phase of the sales process. Depending on the type of product or service you are selling, this could be sending additional inform­ation or scheduling an appoin­tment for an in-depth presen­tation or demons­tra­tion. Make it clear to the prospect what the next step entails and follow up on any commit­ments you make