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Is Your Business Social Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

Determine if your business is social

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Is your Business sincerely interested in listening to customers and empowering employees to have an open conver­sation with them? To help you find out, here is a short Social Business test


You are not a social business if you leave people on hold for 30 minutes. If you do that, the message to customers is ‘we don’t want to talk to you’. I am proud to work at Rackspace where on average it takes customers 6 seconds to connect with a person who cares.
You are not a social business if the emails you send to customers come from ‘do not reply’. Think about it: you are talking to customers and telling them, “Please don’t even try to talk to us, we don’t care, your email won’t even make it”.
You are not a social business if you don’t publish your contact inform­ation on your site and encourage customers to contact you. How many times have you as a customer navigated nests of pages to try to find an email or 800 number? How many buttons does it take in your phone system for a customer to speak with a human?
You are not a social business if you don’t have a formal customer feedback process, that gives the team designing products and services the opport­unity to understand what customers want. A system that makes it easy for front-line customers to pass feedback, makes it easy for customers to volunteer feedback, a system that collects and summarizes it, and a product develo­pment team that reads the summaries and acts on it.
You are not a social business if at least everyone in marketing spends time with customers every week. When I was respon­sible for social strategy for a F500 company back in 2004, every single employee in a division of many thousands was required to spend at least 4 hours intera­cting with our customer community. Ask your team, when was the last time they spoke with a customer (and listened)?
You are not a social business if you don’t empower front-line empowers to help customers. If you don’t allow them to have an honest conver­sation with customers.
You are not a social business if you speak to customers in a different language: you can’t connect with customers if you talk to them in consul­tan­t-s­peak, corpor­ate­-speak or market­ing­-speak (I am trying, it is hard). Talk to people like people, like you would if you were having a conver­sation between two humans (you are).
You don’t have a social business if your social media team spends most of their time fixing customer problems via Twitter and broadc­asting self-c­entered commun­ica­tions and discounts via Facebook.

Social Maturity Model