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Internet Retailing Checklist Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Here are checklists of the major functions and services used by the major companies involved with Internet Retailing.


Authen­ticated Testim­onials
Better Business
Comparison Engine Feeds
Contents delivery network
Content Management
Customer Relati­onship management
Customer Reviews and forums
Customer service software
eCommerce platform
eMail Marketing
Intern­ational Services
Live Chat/C­lic­k-t­o-call
Market Place Management
Order Management
Payment security
Responsive Design
Rich Media
Search Engine marketing
Security certif­ication
Shipping carrier
Site Design
Site Search
Social media market­ing­/co­nsu­lting
Web Analytics
Web Hosting
Web Perfor­mance monitoring
Website Test/O­pti­miz­ation

Internet Retailing

Most Important Social Media Sites

1. Twitter.
2. Facebook.
3. LinkedIn.
4. Xing.
5. Renren.
6. Google+.
7. Disqus.
8. LinkedIn Pulse.
9. Snapchat.
10. Tumblr.
11. Pinterest.
12. Twoo.
13. MyMFB.
14. YouTube.
15. Instagram.
16. Vine.
17. WhatsApp.
19. Meetup.
20. Secret.
21. Medium.