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International Socialist Principles VI Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Towards a Democratic World Society

92. At a time of rapid intern­ati­ona­lis­ation, the goals of democratic socialism cannot be attained in just a few countries. The fate of people living in many different parts of the world is more interl­inked than ever before. The various socialist parties of the world must therefore work together, both in their individual national interest and in their common intern­ational interest. The Socialist Intern­ati­onal, whose history dates back to 1864, was re-est­abl­ished in 1951 to serve this purpose.

93. Although it unites movements with long-s­tanding national histories, the Socialist Intern­ational is not a supran­ati­onal, centra­lised organi­sation. It is an associ­ation of indepe­ndent parties with common principles whose repres­ent­atives want to learn from one another, jointly promote socialist ideas and work towards this objective at intern­ational level.

94. The purpose of the Intern­ational is to facilitate this work of solidarity and cooper­ation, while being aware of the fact that there are different ways of promoting the basic values of a pluralist democratic socialism in different societies. Each member party is itself respon­sible for the manner in which it puts the decisions of the Socialist Intern­ational into effect in its own country.

95. In recent years, the membership of the Socialist Intern­ational has become more genuinely intern­ati­onal, with very marked growth in Latin America and the Caribbean, and new members in other contin­ents. It is the goal of the Socialist Intern­ational to cooperate with all democratic socialist movements throughout the world.

96. Since the Frankfurt Declar­ation of the Socialist Intern­ational in 1951, the world has become closer in economic and social terms, but not in terms of democratic community and solida­rity. It is now clear that the socialist movement - as it looks towards the 21st century - is becoming more truly intern­ati­onalist in outlook and in practice.

A New Democratic Order

97. The intern­ational challenge is nothing less than the beginning of a new, democratic world society. We cannot allow blocs, nations and private corpor­ations to shape the political structure of the planet as a mere by-product of their own self-i­nte­rest.

98. Streng­thening the United Nations is an important step in the creation of this new, democratic world society. Where there is a consensus among the major nations, signif­icant peace-­making and peace-­keeping initia­tives are possible. The UN specia­lised agencies, like the WHO, and UN organs like UNDP and UNICEF, have demons­trated that the govern­ments and citizens of various nations can work effect­ively together in pursuit of common intern­ational goals.

99. It is unreal­istic to assume that justice and peace can be legislated in a world of fundam­ental inequality where many millions barely cling to life while a favoured few enjoy a standard beyond the dreams of most of their fellow human beings. Socialist struggles in the original capitalist nations made gains in welfare and solida­rity, which in turn made the extension of democracy possible in individual countries. Likewise the work of abolishing intern­ational inequality will be a crucial step forward on the road to a democratic world society.

100. There is no illusion that this ideal can be quickly accomp­lished. However, the creation of a pluralist and democratic world, based on consensus and cooper­ation, is a necessary condition for the advance of humankind. This is both a challenge and an enormous opport­unity. The Socialist Intern­ational is ready to meet the challenge and to strive for a world in which our children can live and work in peace, in freedom, in solidarity and humanity.
We are confident that the strength of our princi­ples, the force of our arguments and the idealism of our supporters will contribute to shaping a democratic socialist future into the 21st century. We invite all men and women to join us in this endeavour.