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Instructor Class Check List Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

Instructor Class Check List

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


· Know your subject one level above what you are teaching.
· Check the equipment for any problems.
· Check the software for any problems.
· Check your materials: do you have everyt­hing? Sign-in sheets, books, etc.

Beginning of Class

· Remember to get students expect­ations for the class.
· Identify where the break areas are and negotiate when breaks will be taken.
· Identify smoking areas.
· Mention location of rest rooms.
· Mention where refres­hments can be consumed.
· See if there are any special needs that partic­ipants need to make you aware of, ex. have to take medication at a certain time.
· Provide inform­ation on making the enviro­nment more comfor­table, ex. Adjustment of chairs, lights and temper­ature.
· Identify your "­cla­ssroom rules" — such as how questions will be handled.

During Class:

· Reinforce your interest in them by using their names.
· Don't forget to provide objectives and summar­iza­tion.
· Use good questi­oning techniques to gauge their unders­tan­ding.
· Watch for signs tipping you off to their learni­ng/­input style so you can gear your teaching to that style.

End of Class

· Identify any outsta­nding questions that you need to follow-up on: remember if you said you would get back to them on something it's a verbal contract.
· Please leave the room while students are filling out the evalua­tions. Have the students leave the evalua­tions in a designated area or identify a partic­ipant to collect the evalua­tions.
· Return the software to its original start-up state.
· Complete the instructor evaluation form if applic­able.
· Make sure all paperwork is properly filed.
· If applicable distribute certif­icates.