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IMO Code of Ethics Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]


This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.




Intern­ational Maritime Organi­zation (IMO) personnel shall maintain their indepe­ndence and shall not seek or receive instru­ctions from any Government or from any other person or entity external to IMO and shall refrain from any action which might reflect negatively on their position as IMO personnel respon­sible only to IMO.


Loyalty to the purposes, values and principles of IMO is a fundam­ental obligation of all IMO personnel. They shall be loyal to IMO and shall, at all times, discharge their functions and regulate their conduct with the interests of the United Nations and of IMO only in view.


IMO personnel, in the perfor­mance of their official duties, shall always act with impart­iality, object­ivity and profes­sio­nalism. They shall ensure that expression of personal views and convic­tions does not compromise or appear to compromise the perfor­mance of their official duties or the interests of IMO. They shall not act in a way that unjust­ifiably could lead to actual or perceived prefer­ential treatment for or against particular indivi­duals, groups or interests.


IMO personnel shall maintain the highest standards of integrity, including honesty, truthf­ulness, fairness and incorr­upt­ibi­lity, in all matters affecting their official duties and the interests of IMO.


IMO personnel shall be accoun­table for the proper discharge of their functions and for their decisions and actions. In fulfilling their official duties and respon­sib­ili­ties, IMO personnel shall make decisions in the interests of IMO. They shall submit themselves to scrutiny as required by their position.

Respect for human rights

IMO personnel shall fully respect the human rights, dignity and worth of all persons and shall act with unders­tan­ding, tolerance, sensit­ivity, and respect for diversity and without discri­min­ation of any kind.



Conflict of Interest

IMO personnel shall arrange their private interests in a manner that will prevent actual, potential or apparent conflicts of interest from arising, but if such a conflict does arise between their private interests and their official duties and respon­sib­ili­ties, the conflict shall be disclosed and resolved in favour of the interests of IMO.

Abuse of Authority

IMO personnel shall not use the authority entrusted to them, in particular by taking advantage of collea­gues, benefi­ciaries or other indivi­duals or groups, for financial, political, sexual or other gain.

Gifts, honours, favours or other benefits

IMO personnel shall not solicit or accept gifts, honours, favours and/or other benefits from sources external to IMO that may bring into question their indepe­ndence, impart­iality and integrity, unless the acceptance of such gifts, honours, favours and/or other benefits is pursuant to applicable policies and regula­tions.

Intern­ational Maritime Organi­zation resources

IMO personnel shall only use or allow the use of the resources of IMO, directly or indire­ctly, including its property, for authorized purposes.

Confid­ent­iality of inform­ation

IMO personnel shall not use inform­ation that is not generally available to the public for private gain, financial or otherwise, to benefit themselves or others with whom they have personal, family or other ties, nor shall they disclose such inform­ation to the public without author­iza­tion. IMO personnel shall not divulge to colleagues or other indivi­duals or groups, inform­ation required to be kept confid­ential by applicable regula­tions, rules and policies. This duty of confid­ent­iality continues to apply after the expiration of their service with the Organi­zation.


IMO personnel shall not act in such a manner as to take improper advantage of their official functions and positions, including privileged inform­ation obtained from such functions and positions, when seeking employment or appoin­tment after leaving their service with IMO.