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I. Perks Meeting Attendees Appreciate Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

Perks Meeiting Attendees Appreciate

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Digital commun­ication dominates the day-to-day life of business people across nearly every industry, yet attendance at meetings, confer­ences, and trade shows remains strong. The value of face-t­o-face intera­ction is indisp­utable, but the fact, is the effort to come togeth­er—the travel, the cost, the work that piles up while away—can be taxing. So why not consider doing something extra to show your apprec­iation to your attendees? In recent years a variety of services have emerged that provide unique, and likely unexpe­cted, perks for weary business travelers.

Here’s a look at five that may be a fit for your next event.

Luxury Car Rental

Provide a premium travel experience for your guests by offering them a rental car from Silvercar. The company only rents Audi A4s (silver of course) that are loaded with Wi Fi, Bluetooth, naviga­tion, satellite radio, and leather seats. And the rental process is entirely app-based. Guests receive a special code to book the compli­mentary rental in the Silvercar app. When they arrive at the airport, they use the app to activate the reserv­ation, unlock the car, and start driving. When they are finished, they simply return the car to a designated space at the Silvercar facility. The service is available at 17 airports, including popular meeting destin­ations such as Orlando, Chicago, New York, and Las Vegas.

In-Room Massage

Zeel is a massag­e-o­n-d­emand company that operates in 70 cities around the United States. Planners can make the arrang­ements in advance or offer gift cards so guests can book it themselves using Zeel’s website or mobile app. Massages can be booked seven days a week with as little as one hour’s notice. Zeel’s massage therapists are licensed, insured, and go through in-person screening by the company. Upon booking, customers receive a confir­mation with the therap­ist’s full name, photo, bio, and massage license number. Zeel can also provide chair and table massages at meeting venues.

Luggage Service

Give your guests a completely hands-off luggage service with Bags. Planners can arrange for Bags agents to pick up their guests’ luggage from baggage claim at more than 250 airports nationwide for delivery to destin­ations within 100 miles of those airports. At the end of the conference or event, Bags offers remote airline check-in at your venue so guests can check in for their flights, receive boarding passes, and check their luggage without standing in line at the airport. Customers receive notifi­cations about their luggage movement via text or ema

Personal Concierge

One Concierge offers a variety of services for your guests in 115 countries around the world. Planners can arrange for a concierge to be at the event to assist guests in person or as a virtual concierge available via phone, email, and Web-based commun­ica­tion. Guests can use the service to secure restaurant reserv­ations, arrange travel services, book nightlife and entert­ainment experi­ences, run errands, and more. After the event, planners receive a detailed report including program usage, request types, cost of requests, and more.