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How to Increase Twitter Followers Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

How to Increase Twitter Followers

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Given Twitter’s current attempts to quash conser­vat­ives, many are shying away from including conser­vative hashtags in their tweets. But they can be very powerful when placed in your profile text in drawing likeminded posters to your account.

The important thing is to increase the ripple effect which can only be done by increasing follower numbers.

The point of having followers is the ONLY people who have a chance of reading and sharing your tweets are your followers. It is considered good manners to follow back likeminded folks who follow you.

Only a very small percentage of them will actually see any of your tweets and an even smaller percentage of those will RT any of them
Credit Dale Now #COVFEFE

Twitter "­Ripple Effect­"

The power of Twitter is the 'ripple' effect of others sharing tweets. Ergo, without followers, there is no ripple effect and you are spitting in the wind. The only folks with any likelihood of sharing a tweet are likeminded posters, generally just those following you to begin a ripple.

On Twitter you can follow as many as you like until you reach 5000. At that point they impose restri­ctions, know as the Twitter Follow Limit.

Starting when you reach 5000, you can follow only 10% more than follow you. Ergo, it is crucial to anyone nearing the follow limit to only follow folks who tend to recipr­ocate. It is quite frustr­ating when others do not do so.

Person­ally, I usually refrain from initially following anyone whose numbers do not indicate the usually recipr­ocate.

The ratio is 91%: Divide how many follow you by how many you follow. That % is your follow ratio and must be >91% to pass 5k & therea­fter. In order to pass 5000, you'll need at least 4550 followers.
Unfoll­owing all who have not and never will follow you back is the key to mainta­ining the ratio.

Frequently Check Your setting

Be sure to frequently check your Twitter settings and keep your Quality Filter set to OFF. Twitter tends to turn it back on especially on conser­vative accounts. When it is on, you cannot find many of your likeminded friends nor view their tweets.

Private Lists

Use private lists to be able to still read news sources and national figures without actually following them.

Profile Hashtags

Each tag you include in your profile becomes the prize at the end of someone clicking a tag anywhere on twitter. Ergo, the more common­ly-used hashtags you can include, the more possible searches will lead to you and greater numbers of likeminded folks will interact with you.

It's easy to do and change as you get new ideas. :) it's easiest to COPY PASTE from sugges­tions above rather than to retype

On Android, you may need to click the 3 dots ... in the corner to reach EDIT PROFILE.

On computer click GEAR ICON or click your small avatar on top bar: EDIT PROFILE. Be sure to SAVE CHANGES before exiting the screen.
On mobile app, click the EDIT PROFILE box below your banner or click your avatar and EDIT. Under EDIT PROFILE is the place to change avatar, banner, profile text. SAVE CHANGES when done!

Profile Text Hashwords

Adding commonly searched conser­vative hashtags to your profile text will help a lot in attracting likeminded folks to your account.

Words like those in list below inserted into your profile text will help likeminded folks spot you more easily: #MAGA #KAG #CHRISTIAN #VET #VETERAN #CodeO­fVets #DEPLO­RABLE #Drain­The­Swamp #Build­TheWall #TRUMP #Trump2020 #COVFEFE #CONSE­RVATIVE #TCOT #LNYHBT #PATRIOT #CONST­ITUTION #COS #Ameri­caFirst #BanSharia #Islam­IsT­heP­roblem #StopIslam #NotPC #NRA #2A #MolonLabe #ΜΟΛΩΝΛΑΒΕ #CCW #LTC #III #ProLife #ABORTION #DefundPP #BlueL­ive­sMatter #BackT­heBlue #CAPIT­ALISM #MILITARY #ARMY #NAVY #USN #USAF #USMC #MARINE #USCG

#MAGA is the strongest conser­vative hashtag right now. I suggest all conser­vatives use it in their profile text
Hashtags in your profile text are searchable by likeminded folks. Using commonly searched hashtags is far more powerful than using made up or commentary tags. Profile is read first, then tweets.

Account Protec­t/L­ocked

IMO: Conser­vatives should never have their account protected/ locked. If a padlock icon appears next to your name on your Twitter profile page, turn it off in Twitter Settings.