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Getting to Root Cause Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Problem solving is finding the root cause of a problem and preventing it from ever happening again. Problem solving is not putting a Band-Aid on the problem. Create a work instru­ction to use when you have to perform a root cause analysis. If you have an instru­ction, all of the elements will be completed the same way each time. Root Cause Analysis involves:

• Defining the problem in descri­ptive or quanti­fiable terms
• Determ­ining the root cause condit­ion(s)
• Verifying the Root Cause

The basic elements of RCA

The basic elements of RCA may include the following. However, this list is just a starting point.
• Defective raw material
• Wrong type of material for the job
• Lack of raw material
Machine / Equipment
• Incorrect tool selection
• Poor mainte­nance or design
• Poor equipment or tool placement
• Defective equipment or tool
• Orderly workplace
• Job design or layout of work
• Surfaces poorly maintained
• Physical demands of the task
• Forces of nature
• None or poor management involv­ement
• Not paying attention to the task
• Task hazards not guarded properly
• Other (horse­play, inatte­nti­on....)
• Stress demands
• Lack of Process
• Practices are not the same as written procedures
• Poor commun­ication
Management system
• Training or education lacking
• Poor employee involv­ement
• Poor recogn­ition of hazard
• Previously identified hazards were not eliminated

Root Cause Analysis Workflow