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General Lab Dress & Protection Rules Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

General Lab Dress & Protection Rules

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Dress code safety rules

Set a clear policy for the clothing employees should avoid wearing in order to prevent accidents or injuries in the lab.
1. Always tie back hair that is chin-l­ength or longer.
2. Make sure that loose clothing or dangling jewelry is secured, or avoid wearing it in the first place.
3. Never wear sandals or other open-toed shoes in the lab. Footwear should always cover the foot comple­tely.
4. Never wear shorts or skirts in the lab.
5. When working with Bunsen burners, lighted splints, matches, etc., acrylic nails are not allowed.

Laser Safety

Laser safety rules

Accidents due to reflection are something that many employees may not think about. A clear set of rules for the use of lasers is essential to ensure that everyone is aware of all hazards and that the approp­riate personal protective equipment is worn at all times.

1. Even if you are certain that a laser beam is "­eye­" safe or low power, you should never look into it.
2. Always wear the approp­riate goggles in areas of the lab where lasers are present. The most common laser injuries are those caused by scattered laser light reflecting either off the shiny surface of optical tables, the sides of mirrors, or off of mountings. Goggles will help you avoid damage from such scattered light.
3. You should never keep your head at the same level as the laser beam.
4. Always keep the laser beam at or below chest level.
5. Laser beams should never be allowed to spread into the lab. Beam stops should always be used to intercept laser beams.
6. Do not walk through laser beams.

Personal Protection

Personal protection safety rules

Personal protection cover what employees should be wearing in the lab in order to protect themselves from various hazards, as well as basic hygiene rules to follow to avoid any sort of contam­ina­tion.
1. When working with equipment, hazardous materials, glassware, heat, and/or chemicals, always wear face shields or safety glasses.
2. When handling any toxic or hazardous agent, always wear the approp­riate gloves.
3. When performing laboratory experi­ments, you should always wear a smock or lab coat.
4. Before leaving the lab or eating, always wash your hands.
5. After performing an experi­ment, you should always wash your hands with soap and water.
6. When using lab equipment and chemicals, be sure to keep your hands away from your body, mouth, eyes, and face.

Housek­eeping Rules

Housek­eeping safety rules

Laboratory housek­eeping rules also apply to most facilities and deal with the basic upkeep, tidiness, and mainte­nance of a safe labora­tory.
1. Always keep your work area(s) tidy and clean.
2. Make sure that all eye wash stations, emergency showers, fire exting­uis­hers, and exits are always unobst­ructed and access­ible.
3. Only materials you require for your work should be kept in your work area. Everything else should be stored safely out of the way.
4. Only lightw­eight items should be stored on top of cabinets; heavier items should always be kept at the bottom.
5. Solids should always be kept out of the laboratory sink.
6. Any equipment that requires air flow or ventil­ation to prevent overhe­ating should always be kept clear.