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GE AMX 4 Plus Charging Issue Reset Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Introd­uction GE AMX 4 Plus

The AMX-4 Plus X-Ray unit is a completely self-c­ont­ained battery driven, mobile radiog­raphic system­which operates from a rechar­geable battery pack. Mobility and ease of use make the AMX-4 Plus ideally suited for all routine radiog­raphic proced­ures, within intensive care units, cardiac care units, emergency and operating rooms, pediat­rics, neonatal units, orthop­edics, and clinics.

Problem Descri­ption

First off, we had to replace the batteries as they were due for replac­ement. After replac­ement, the portable started having a problem with the breaker tripping. Prior to reaching a full charge, the breaker would trip.

We calibrated the battery charger and now the charging meter does not reach full charge, stopping at two bars before it reaches full charge and the message never appears stating that the batteries have completely charged. We did the volt meter calibr­ation before the battery charger calibr­ation so I don’t understand why this is happening. No matter how long we wait, the display never indicates that the batteries have completely charged.

We checked FIL/KVP and the input power to the charger board, connec­tions to LVLE and CPU as well as battery voltage. Checked KHZ board connec­tions and — +24 Volts, recali­brated the unit and it still does not reach charge complete status.

GE Healthcare AMX 4

Correction Procedure

1. Begin with service switch in run mode (up position) and power on machine.
2. The boot sequence will began, after 3 seconds flip service switch down for diagno­stics mode
3. Use KVP buttons to scroll the option until you see diagno­stics mode then press MAS down to enter.
4. The system will prompt you for password which is MAS up MAS down KVP down KVP up (in the formation of a backwards U).
5. Continue by using KVP buttons to scroll to the system diagno­stics option and press MAS down to enter.
6. Use KVP buttons to scroll to loop test and press MAS down to accept. It will ask you for an address.
7. The address is ocb4 then press MAS down. (Enter numeric values by pressing KVP up and Alphab­etical values by press KVP down.)
8. Press MAS up for HEX
9. Press KVP down for write and press MAS down to accept
10. Then, you will need to type FF and MAS down to begin the looping process
11. Once you see looping on display hit MAS down 3 times and use KVP to scroll to end service and follow instru­ctions.