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Gamification: Six Classroom User Types Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


We know in education there is a massive engagement crisis. Study after study is being published that continue to reflect a noticeable decline in school engage­ment. However, when I decided to attack this crisis head on there was one major issue I needed to tackle. Creating a gamifi­cat­ion­/pr­ogram that would hit all of my player types.

To tackle this, I used Andrzej’s Gamifi­cation Player Type Hexad to meet the needs and motiva­tions of my different students (player types). I decided to add The Disruptor (an original type in Andrzej’s model) to the middle because a) they can affect the learning of all player types and b) can be influenced by all player types depending on the scenario or disruptor style. Also, we all know that classes do potent­ially have a student or two who play the role of the Disruptor.

The Player (aka: “What Do I Get Though?”)

We all have that student who needs to get something to do something. They are willing to do whatever you ask of them but they want a reward or privilege in return. That is how a player type is motivated. Offer them some sort of reward and you will see results

The Philan­thr­opist (aka: “The Class Leader”)

This student loves to lead groups and volunteer to do things. They learn by helping other people out and are often the first type of person you turn to when you need help supporting someone who needs to get something done. When they are helping and teaching others they are the most motivated.

The Free Spirit (aka: “The Problem Solver”)

This type of student loves exploring the classroom and loves seeing what everyone is doing. Sometimes they seem lost and confused but they are totally with it. Their projects and ideas see “out there” at first but they always have a way of roping them back in to produce awesome work. Give them space, freedom and creativity and let them soar. When you have a problem the free spirit is your go to.

User Types and Learning

The Achiever (aka.: “The High Achiever”)

This type of student is self-d­riven to be the best at whatever they do. They get a task and attack it head on. They can be compet­itive and help push struggling groups forward. They want to achieve their maximum at all times.

The Socialiser (aka: “The Social Butter­fly”)

The Socialiser (aka: “The Social Butterfly” or “The Team Player”)

This type of student loves to go about the room talking to everyone. You put them anywhere and they find someone to talk to. They love to work in a group and they can be compet­itive in that scenario. If someone needs something they will be there to help.

The Disruptor ( aka: “The Class Clown”)

The Disruptor (aka: “The Class Clown” or “The Black Hole” or “The Avoider”)

This type of student loves to seek out attention from those around him or her. They will crack jokes, interrupt lessons or attempt to derail class discus­sions. They can be tough to deal with. Providing specifics and surrou­nding them with the proper player type such as an achiever or a philan­thr­opist will often keep them focused and moving forward.

Designing Around Classroom User Types

Designing my game around these player types has truly changed my classroom. I create quests and bonus missions that hit the different styles of each learner. This creates different opport­unities for people to lead and follow and that is a crucial skill all on its own! Gamifi­cation truly is a game changer in education!