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Freedom to Lead Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Freedom to Lead provides training and mentoring strategies to cultivate leaders based upon Jesus’ leadership principles and practices. We employ additional leadership lessons from the Bible and comple­mentary stories, images, and music from local cultures that commun­icate Christ­-ce­ntered leadership effect­ively. …through story, symbol and song…

Core Compet­encies

Freedom to Lead develops Christ­-ce­ntered leaders who:
Cultivate character
Christ­-ce­ntered leaders are spiritual leaders. They demons­trate integrity through their personal and public behavior. They emphasize growth and learning for themselves and those they influence. They champion people and standards that embody core biblical values.
Model authentic relati­onships
Christ­-ce­ntered leaders treat others with respect, forgiv­eness, and accept­ance. They lead out of humility, honesty, and love. They practice and teach healthy relati­ons­hips.
Inspire a shared vision
Christ­-ce­ntered leaders commun­icate a compelling image of a preferred future. They motivate others to envision and act toward worthy possib­ili­ties.
Challenge people and processes
Christ­-ce­ntered leaders practice innovative ways to improve themselves and the people they lead. They experiment and take risks to release indivi­duals to reach their highest Kingdom potential.
Ensure a healthy ministry culture
Christ­-ce­ntered leaders align the ministry’s values with biblical values. They steward resources so that the ministry becomes self-s­ust­aining and self-p­erp­etu­ating. They facilitate decisions and lead change in a collab­orative enviro­nment.
Facilitate effective commun­ication
Christ­-ce­ntered leaders foster an enviro­nment where people are safe to tell the truth. They model and teach effective conflict resolution and people management skills.
Implement strategic planning
Christ­-ce­ntered leaders build capable teams that discern and respond to God’s initia­tives with effective strategies to accomplish a clear, common, and compelling mission.

Christ Centered Leadership


Consider the individual
Christ­-ce­ntered leaders understand the diversity of the people they lead. They tailor their leadership approach to others’ cultural, gender, and personal differ­ences.
Develop people
Christ­-ce­ntered leaders intent­ionally develop others. They assist those they influence to identify and use their gifts. They challenge and support others in their develo­pment.
Advance cooper­ative partne­rships
Christ­-ce­ntered leaders conduct their lives and ministries under the Lordship of Christ, in partne­rship with His Spirit, and in cooper­ation with other Kingdo­m-m­inded people.