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First-Aid Basic Care Kit Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

First-Aid Basic Care Kit

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

First-Aid Basic Care

Antiseptic wipes (BZK-based wipes preferred; alcoho­l-based OK)
Antiba­cterial ointment (e.g., bacitr­acin)
Compound tincture of benzoin (bandage adhesive)
Assorted adhesive bandages (fabric preferred)
Butterfly bandages / adhesive wound-­closure strips
Gauze pads (various sizes)
Nonstick sterile pads
Medical adhesive tape (10 yd. roll, min. 1" width)
Blister treatment
Ibuprofen / other pain-r­elief medication
Insect sting relief treatment
Antihi­stamine to treat allergic reactions
Splinter (fine-­point) tweezers
Safety pins
First-aid manual or inform­ation cards

Wraps, Splints and Wound Coverings

Elastic wrap
Triangular cravat bandage
Finger splint(s)
SAM splint(s)
Rolled gauze
Rolled, stretc­h-t­o-c­onform bandages
Hydrog­el-­based pads
First-aid cleansing pads with topical anesthetic
Hemostatic (blood­-st­opping) gauze
Liquid bandage
Oval eye pads


Aloe vera gel (sun exposure relief)
Antifungal foot powder
Antacid tablets
Aspirin (primarily for response to a heart attack)
Glucose or other sugar to treat hypogl­ycemia
Hand sanitizer (BKZ- or alcoho­l-b­ased)
Insect sting relief treatment
Injectable epinep­hrine to treat allergic reactions
Lubric­ating eye drops
Loperamide tablets (for diarrhea symptoms)
Oral rehydr­ation salts
Poison ivy / poison oak treatment
Prescr­iption medica­tions (e.g., antibi­otics)
Throat lozenges

First Aid Kit Contents

Tools and Supplies

Knife (or multi-tool with knife)
Paramedic shears (blunt-tip scissors)
Safety razor blade (or scalpel w/ #15 or #12 blade)
Cotton­-tipped swabs
Standard oral thermo­meter
Low-re­ading (hypot­hermia) thermo­meter
Irrigation syringe with 18-gauge catheter
Magnifying glass
Small mirror
Medical / surgical gloves (nitrile preferred; avoid latex)
CPR mask
Steel sewing needle with heavy-duty thread
Needle­-nose pliers with wire cutter
Duct tape (small roll)
Small notepad with waterproof pencil or pen
Medical waste bag (plus box for sharp items)
Waterproof container to hold supplies and meds
Emergency heat-r­efl­ecting blanket
Headlamp (prefe­rred) or flashlight
Whistle (pealess preferred)
Personal locator beacon
Satellite messenger

Personal Care, Other Items

Lip balm
Insect repellent (plus headnet, if needed)
Hand sanitizer
Biodeg­radable soap
Water-­tre­atment chemicals
Collap­sible water sink or basin