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Fire Safety/Evacuation Plan Review Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

Fire Safety/Evacuation Plan Review Items

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Drafting an emergency action plan (EAP) is not enough to ensure the safety of your employees. When an evacuation is necessary, you will need respon­sible, trained indivi­duals who can supervise and coordinate activities to ensure a safe and successful evacua­tion. An EAP will be useful only if its content is up to date and employees are suffic­iently educated and trained before an actual evacua­tion. The following check points will help you succes­sfully develop and implement your plan:

Site Plan Clearly identi­fying

Post-evacuation assembly point(s).
Location of fire hydrants.
Normal routes of fire department vehicle access.

Floor Plans Clearly Identi­fying

All emergency exits
Primary evacuation routes
Secondary evacuation routes
Areas of refuge
Manual fire alarm pull stations
Portable fire exting­uishers
Hose stations
Fire alarm control panels
Fire alarm annunc­iator panels

Life Safety Strategies

Total versus partial building evacua­tion. protect in place
Tactics and strategies identi­fied.

Personnel Respon­sible

Are personnel respon­sible for rendering medical aid identi­fied.
Is the primary means of occupant notifi­cation in the event of a fire or emergency identi­fied.
Is the secondary means of occupant notifi­cation in the event o fa fire or emergency identi­fied.
Is the primary means of reporting a fire or emergency identi­fied.
Is a secondary means of reporting a fire or emergency identi­fied.
Is a descri­ption of the fire alarm's alerting system (bells, horns, strobes) and the pre-pr­ogr­ammed voice message (if equipped) provided.
What are the duties of specific personnel during a fire/e­mer­gency.
How are they tobe contacted in the event of a question?

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Specific Instru­ctions Provided for Employees

Who must remain in place to operate crucial equipment prior to evacua­tion.
Is there a specific post-e­vac­uation accounting procedure for employees and occupants.

Hazard Control

Has a list of major fire hazards associated with the use and occupancy of the premises been provided.
is there a descri­ption of the housek­eep­ing­/ma­int­enance procedures during a fire/ emergency event.
is a list of personnel respon­sible for mainta­ining fire prevention and control systems provided.
is a list of personnel respon­sible for mainte­nance, housek­eeping and contro­lling fuel hazards (if applic­able) provided.

Emergency Evacuation Drills Records

Name and title of person conducting the drill
Date and time of drill
Notification method used
Staff members on duty and partic­ipating
Number of occupants evacuated
Special conditions simulated
Problems encoun­tered
Weather conditions
Time required to achieve total evacuation
Annual employee fire safety plan training records been included