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Event Planning Checklist Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

Event Planning List

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Local Government Requir­ements

Inform local government of event and gain approval (if required)
Check with your local Visitor Inform­ation Centre to see if there are
any other events scheduled for the same date and location

Permits & Licences

Apply for any food permits required
If using music, apply for a noise permit
Request for approval to erect promot­ional signage
Road closures – send applic­ations early


Prepare an event budget and monitor your spending


Select a location or venue for your event
Transp­ort­ation – will people travel long distances to your event?
Is there parking and easy access from mass transit?
When is your location available?

Site Prepar­ation and Plan

Design plan of venue / event site

Event Agenda

What is the goal of your event?
Develop event timeline
Book entert­ainment and MC if needed
Collect written confir­mation from entert­ainment or MC
Submit deposit for their services if needed

Partic­ipant Regist­ration and Invita­tions

Build an online event regist­ration form
Host your online regist­ration form on your website
Determine what is included in the cost of regist­ration (event t-shirt, pre-event dinner, etc)
Deliver an email announ­cement to your past partic­ipants with link to your online regist­ration form


Create sponso­rship proposal
Identify potential sponsors
Deliver sponso­rship packages and follow up within 1 week
Use sponsor testim­onials and always acknow­ledge sponsors

Marketing & Promotion

Develop Marketing / Commun­ication Plan
Design promot­ional material, basic text, logo
Build a website and optimize it for search engines
Distri­bution of flyers­/po­ste­rs/­ema­il/­bro­chures to community
Submit event inform­ation to local events calendars and websites
Submit a press release


Order equipment e.g. stage, lighting, PA system etc
Book portable toilets, fireworks, marquee, generators
Book and confirm all contra­ctors in writing
Check insurance – public liability, staff, volunteers etc

Security Plan

Book Security & two way radios
Crowd control
Cash security

Risk Management

Book first aid officers
Conduct risk assessment involving all key stakeh­olders
Create risk management plan
Obtain relevant insurance and send copy to Council if required
Contin­gency Plans – wet weather, low attendance

Essential Services

Notify Police, Ambulance Service and Fire Brigade
Waste Management
Develop Waste Management Plan
Promote reducing waste in marketing material

Food Vendors

Book Food Vendors and confirm in writing
Request details of electrical requir­ements
Request copy of Health Department Regist­ration Certif­icate
Applic­ation for temporary food premises permit

Cleaning and Mainte­nance Plan

Book toilet cleaners and extra paper if approp­riate
Clean up venue/mow lawn/clear area of debris

Traffic Management

Design traffic plan including:
Signage, disabled parking, VIP parking, pedestrian access, marshals, car parking area, entry and exit points, lighting, road closures, promote altern­ative transport


Organise volunteers and staff
Prepare scripts or run sheets for ceremonies
Organise awards­/tr­oph­ies­/ce­rti­ficates & decora­tions

On the Day of the Event

Gather staff for full briefing
Organise volunteer regist­ration area & entert­ainers area
Circulate contact list with mobile numbers to all staff/­vol­unteers
Review chain of command in case of emergency

After the Event

Removal of all equipment and rubbish
Thank you letters to staff, volunt­eers, performers
Thank you presen­tation to sponsors
Evaluation / debrief with key stakeh­olders
Close off budget
Hold a de-brief session to look at ways of improving the event