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Evaluate Preventive & Therapeutic support surfaces Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

Evaluate Preventive & Therapeutic support surfaces

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


The bed's support surface can help prevent and treat pressure injuries.

The better a product can envelop (conform to) the resident and allow for immersion (sinking into the product), the better the pressure redist­rib­ution. When budgeting for support surfaces, allow for replacing the mattresses around the time the warranty is up.

When evaluating support surfaces, ask the manufa­cturer:

Ask Manufa­cturer

How does the product manage the microe­nvi­ronment (moisture and heat)?
Does the cover reduce friction and shear forces?
How is it cleaned and disinf­ected? • If the cover is removable, are the seams or zippers covered and protected from fluids entering?
Does the manufa­cturer have an algorithm for determ­ining approp­ria­teness of support surface to clinical risk and wound type?
What is the warranty? If the product is foam, does the warranty cover compre­ssion of the foam, or is that considered cosmetic?

For powered support surfaces:
If the power goes out, does the surface remain inflated? For how long
If the surface becomes deflated, is there a protective base to prevent the resident from lying directly on the bed frame?
Does an alarm go on if the product is not functi­oning properly?
If the product has a firm mode to make caregiving easier, does it automa­tically go back to a therap­eutic mode when caregiving is finished?
What is the weight limit?
What is the delivery time for rented products?
Does the product allow for immersion and envelo­pment into the surface?