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Energize your Sale & Marketing Team Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

Energize your Sale & Marketing Team

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Top Banana, a London­-based events and commun­ica­tions consul­tancy, implores its clients to eschew the expected when providing experi­ences to employees, customers and other business partners.

“Effec­tive, modern leaders need to work on creating frequent, exciting interv­entions in the workplace through their actions, words and approa­ches. Deliver the unexpe­cted, be memorable and surprise people with something differ­ent,” blogs Top Banana’s Marketing Commun­ica­tions Manager Polly Stobinski. She offers these tips for creating memorable experi­ences in 2018:

Forget your ivory tower

You can’t cause much of a stir from up on high. Get out of the office, get amongst your people and breathe the same air. Ask to join employees for lunch. Gather a group off the shop floor for an impromptu ideas session. Approach people for specific expertise.

The element of surprise

People remember it when their leaders do the unexpe­cted. Arrange a surprise event to celebrate success, commun­icate an important message by leaving a surprise item on the desk of every employee or take a loudsp­eaker onto the shop floor on a Friday afternoon to say some thank you’s.

Go guerrilla

Sometimes an email alert just doesn’t cut it. We’ve created everything from onsite flash mobs to large scale office takeovers and desk drops to help our clients land their leadership message. Create some lunchtime mayhem. It rarely gets forgotten

Be emotional

True engagement comes when you touch people via their head and their heart. It’s simple: people remember the things that make them smile (or cry, or gasp etc.). Being emotional (on both ends of the scale) as a leader is not a weakness.

Make it fun

People don’t usually expect their business leaders to be in the “fun” game. Memorable tactics at leadership events such as gamifi­cation, virtual reality and team building really connect a leader to the rest of the organi­zation.

Make it personal

If we feel something, we’re more likely to act on it. Tell personal stories, share your own memories, reflect on your own life experi­ences. Bring your thinking to life through creative, disruptive commun­ica­tions that get rememb­ered.

Forget perfection

Employees no longer want a filtered, polished version of their leaders – they want real, human interv­entions delivering inform­ation in an authentic way. Get out from behind the camera. Forget the polished corp comms script and just get out there and talk to your people.

Don’t keep calm and carry on

When your business enviro­nment shifts and the existing approach stops working, commun­icate. The people in the business are those who will help…in other words, intervene and rally the troops. Often ideas come from the most unexpected places.

Creative that’s clever

High-i­mpact leadership interv­entions are clever as well as creative, playing devil’s advocate, making people think, connecting on a deeper level. To really surprise an audience, leaders need to get creative, go deep and think smart.