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Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

Freedom of Speech and the Internet

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


EFF is a donor-­funded nonprofit group of passionate people­—la­wyers, techno­log­ists, volunt­eers, and vision­aries - who depend on your support to continue succes­sfully defending your digital rights. Litigation is partic­ularly expensive; because two-thirds of our budget comes from individual donors, every contri­bution is critical to helping EFF fight —and win—more cases.

You Have the Right to Blog Anonym­ously

EFF has fought for your right to speak anonym­ously on the Internet, establ­ishing legal protec­tions in several states and federal jurisd­ict­ions, and developing techno­logies to help you protect you identity. With your support, EFF can continue to defend this right, conducting impact litigation to establish strict standards to unmask an anonymous critic in more jurisd­ict­ions.

You Have the Right to Keep Sources Confid­ential

In Apple v. Does, EFF is fighting to establish the reporter's privilege for online journa­lists before the California courts. With your support, EFF can defend news bloggers from subpoenas seeking the identity of confid­ential sources in more jurisd­ict­ions.

Right to Make Fair Use of Intell­ectual Property

In OPG v. Diebold, Diebold, Inc., a manufa­cturer of electronic voting machines, had sent out copyright cease-­and­-desist letters to ISPs after internal documents indicating flaws in their systems were published on the Internet. EFF establ­ished the public­ation was a fair use.

Right to Allow Reader's Comments Without Fear

In Barrett v. Rosenthal, EFF is working to establish that Section 230, a strong federal immunity for online publis­hers, applies to bloggers. With your support, EFF can continue to protect bloggers from liability for comments left by third parties.

Right to Protect Your Server from Gov Seizure

In re Subpoena to Rackspace. EFF succes­sfully fought to unveil a secret government subpoena that had resulted in more than 20 Indepe­ndent Media Center (Indym­edia) news websites and other Internet services being taken offline. With your support, EFF can hold the government accoun­table for invest­iga­tions that cut off protected speech.

You Have the Right to Freely Blog about Elections

EFF has advocated for the sensible applic­ation of Federal Election Commission rules to blogs that comment on political campaigns. With your support, EFF can continue to protect political blogs from onerous campaign regula­tions.

You Have the Right to Blog about Your Workplace

EFF has educated bloggers on their rights to blog about their workplace and developed techno­logies to help anonymous whistle bloggers. With your support, EFF can help shape the law to protect workplace bloggers from unfair retali­ation.

You Have the Right to Access as Media

EFF has educated bloggers on their right to access public inform­ation, attend public events with the same rights as mainstream media, and how to blog from public events. With your support, EFF can fight for bloggers right to access as media.

Know Your Rights and Prepare to Defend Them

EFF has created the Legal Guide for Bloggers to give you a basic roadmap to the legal issues you may confront as a blogger and a guide on How to Blog Safely. With your support, EFF can expand and update these guides.