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Domains: Gordon & Nanda Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Developed by Marjory Gordon.
A method used by nurses in the nursing process to provide a compre­hensive nursing assessment of the patient.
Taxonomy II of NANDA Nursing Diagnosis classi­fic­ation is based on Gordon's functional health patterns.
Gorden's functional health pattern includes 11 categories which is a systematic and standa­rdized approach to data collec­tion.

Gordon List of Functional Health Patterns

Health Pattern
Health Percep­tion: Health Management Pattern
client’s perceived pattern of health and well being and how health is managed.
Nutr­iti­onal: Metabolic Pattern
pattern of food and fluid consum­ption relative to metabolic need and pattern indicators of local nutrient supply.
Elim­ination Pattern
pattern of excretory function (bowel, bladder, and s
Acti­vity: Exercise Pattern
pattern of exercise, activity, leisure, and recrea­tion.
Cogn­iti­ve: Perceptual Pattern
sensory, percep­tual, and cognitive pattern
Sleep: Rest Pattern
patterns of sleep, rest, and relaxa­tion.
Self­-pe­rce­pti­on: Self-c­oncept Pattern
self-c­oncept and percep­tions of self (body comfory, image, feeling state)
Role: Relati­onship Pattern
pattern of role engage­ments and relati­ons­hips.
Sexu­ali­ty: Reprod­uctive Pattern
client’s pattern of satisf­action and dissat­isf­action with sexuality pattern, describes reprod­uctive patterns.
Copi­ng: Stress Tolerance Pattern
general coping patterns and effect­iveness of the pattern in terms of stress tolerance.
Value: Belief Pattern
pattern of values and beliefs, including spiritual and /or goals that guide choices or decisions.

Domains: NANDA of Human Needs

1. Breath
2. Food / Hydrat­ion
3. Disposal
4. Mobili­zat­ion
5. Rest / Sleep
6. Wear proper clothing & Choose
7. Temper­ature
8. Health / Skin
9. Security
10. Commun­ica­tion
11. Religion / Beliefs
12. Work / Being
13. Recrea­tional Activi­ties
14. Learning

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