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Complications & Management of Constipation Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

Managing constipation

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Stepwise Management of Consti­pation

Step 1 Exerci­se-­Flu­id-­FIB­ER-­Toi­leting Regimen
Step 2 Bulk Forming Laxatives
Step 3 Stool Softener
Step 4 Osmolic Laxatives
Step 5 Stimulants
Step 6 Suppos­itory Enema

Liquid Fiber Supple­ments Benefits

• Save time: pour and serve
• Better compli­ance, improved quality of life
• Reduction in laxative use and their side effects
• Does not interfere with drug/n­utrient absorption
• All Natural: No added sugar, colors, or artificial flavors
• No added: Lactose, gluten, psyllium, and wheat
• Suitable for renal diets: low sodium, no potassium and phosphorus
• Suitable for diabetic diets: sugar free,

Compli­cations of Chronic Consti­pation

• Hemorr­hoids, Divert­icu­litis
• Urinary Incont­inence, UTI
• Perianal Contam­ination
• Diminished Wound Healing
• Cardiac Effects
• Obstru­ctive GI Effects
    Fecal Impact­ion­-In­tes­tinal Obstru­ction
    Paradoxical Fecal Impaction,
    Fecal Retention
    Mega Colon
    Prolapsed Rectum
• Compromise of the cerebral, coronary, and peripheral vascular circul­ation


Recomm­ended Daily Fiber Intake

Sex and Age Group
Daily Fiber
1 to 3 year old
4 to 8 year old
9 to 13 year old girls
9 to 13 year old boys
14 to 18 year old girls
14 to 18 year old boys
Adults and Geriatric

Side Effects of Long Term Use of Laxatives

• Diarrhea
• Electr­olyte imbalance
• Hypo-a­lbu­minemia
• Fecal incont­inence
• Perianal Soiling
• Laxative abuse
• Loss of colonic motility
• Risk for colorectal cancer among laxative abusers