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CMS: PAMPA Code list Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

CMS: PAMPA Code list

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Codes E0705 - E2359

E0705 Transfer device
E0950 Tray
E0951 Loop heel
E0952 "Toe loop/h­older, each"
E0955 Cushioned headrest
E0956 W/c lateral trunk/hip suppor
E0957 W/c medial thigh support
E0960 W/c shoulder harnes­s/s­traps
E0973 W/Ch access det adj armrest
E0978 "W/C acc,saf belt pelv strap"
E0981 "Seat uphols­tery, replac­ement "
E0982 "Back uphols­tery, replac­ement "
E0985 W/c seat lift mechanism
E0990 Wheelchair elevating leg res
E0995 Wheelchair calf rest
E1002 Pwr seat tilt
E1003 Pwr seat recline
E1004 Pwr seat recline mech
E1005 Pwr seat recline pwr
E1006 Pwr seat combo w/o shear
E1007 Pwr seat combo w/shear
E1008 Pwr seat combo pwr shear
E1010 Add pwr leg elevation
E1012 Ctr mount pwr elev leg rest
E1016 Shock absorber for power w/c
E1020 Residual limb support system
E1028 W/c manual swingaway
E1029 W/c vent tray fixed
E1030 W/c vent tray gimbaled
E2207 Crutch and cane holder
E2208 Cylinder tank carrier
E2209 Arm trough each
E2210 Wheelchair bearings
E2310 Electro connect btw control
E2311 Electro connect btw 2 sys
E2321 Hand interface joystick
E2322 Mult mech switches
E2323 Special joystick handle
E2324 Chin cup interface
E2325 Sip and puff interface
E2326 Breath tube kit
E2327 Head control interface mech
E2328 Head/e­xtr­emity control inter
E2329 Head control nonpro­por­tional
E2330 Head control proximity switc
E2351 Electronic SGD interface
E2359 Gr34 sealed leadacid battery

Codes E2360 - E2519

E2360 22nf nonsealed leadacid
E2361 22nf sealed leadacid battery
E2362 Gr24 nonsealed leadacid
E2363 Gr24 sealed leadacid battery
E2364 U1nons­ealed leadacid battery
E2365 U1 sealed leadacid battery
E2366 "­Battery charger, single mode"
E2367 " Battery charger, dual mode "
E2368 Power wc motor replac­ement
E2369 Pwr wc drivewheel gear repl
E2370 Pwr wc motor/gear box combo
E2371 Gr27 sealed leadacid battery
E2373 Hand/chin ctrl spec joystick
E2374 Hand/chin ctrl std joystick
E2375 Non-ex­pan­dable controller
E2376 "­Exp­andable contro­ller, repl"
E2377 "­Exp­andable contro­ller, initl"
E2378 Pw actuator replac­ement
E2381 Pneum drive wheel tire
E2382 "­Tube, pneum wheel drive tire"
E2383 "­Insert, pneum wheel drive"
E2384 Pneumatic caster tire
E2385 "­Tube, pneumatic caster tire"
E2386 Foam filled drive wheel tire
E2387 Foam filled caster tire
E2388 Foam drive wheel tire
E2389 Foam caster tire
E2390 Solid drive wheel tire
E2391 Solid caster tire
E2392 "­Solid caster tire, integr­ate­"
E2394 Drive wheel excludes tire
E2395 Caster wheel excludes tire
E2396 Caster fork
E2397 "Pwc acc, lith-based batter­y"
E2601 Gen w/c cushion wdth < 22 in
E2602 Gen w/c cushion wdth >=22 in
E2603 Skin protect wc cus wd <22in
E2604 Skin protect wc cus wd>­=22in
E2605 Position wc cush wdth <22 in
E2606 Position wc cush wdth>=22 in
E2607 Skin pro/pos wc cus wd <22in
E2608 Skin pro/pos wc cus wd>­=22in
E2611 Gen use back cush wdth <22in
E2612 Gen use back cush wdth>=22in
E2613 Position back cush wd <22in
E2614 Position back cush wd>­=22in
E2615 Pos back post/lat wdth <22in
E2616 Pos back post/lat wdth>=22in
E2619 Replace cover w/c seat cush

Codes K0015 - L0733

K0015 Detach non-adjus hght armrst
K0017 Detach adjust armrest base
K0018 Detach adjust armrst upper
K0019 Arm pad each
K0020 Fixed adjust armrest pair
K0037 High mount flip-up footrest
K0038 Leg strap each
K0039 Leg strap h style each
K0040 Adjustable angle footplate
K0041 Large size footplate each
K0042 Standard size footplate each
K0043 Ftrst lower extension tube
K0044 Ftrst upper hanger bracket
K0045 Footrest complete assembly
K0046 Elevat legrst low extension
K0047 Elevat legrst up hangr brack
K0051 Cam relese assem ftrst/­lgrst
K0052 Swingaway detach footrest
K0053 Elevate footrest articulate
K0056 Seat ht <17 or >=21 ltwt wc
K0065 Spoke protectors
K0069 Rear whl complete solid tire
K0070 Rear whl compl pneum tire
K0071 Front castr compl pneum tire
K0072 Frnt cstr cmpl sem-pneum tir
K0073 Caster pin lock each
K0077 Front caster assem complete
K0098 Drive belt power wheelchair
K0105 Iv hanger
K0733 12-24hr sealed lead acid

Code E2620 - E2633

E2620 WC planar back cush wd <22in
E2621 WC planar back cush wd>­=22in
E2622 Adj skin pro w/c cus wd<22in
E2623 Adj skin pro wc cus wd>­=22in
E2624 Adj skin pro/pos cus<22in
E2625 Adj skin pro/pos wc cus>=22
E2626 Seo mobile arm sup att to wc
E2627 Arm supp att to wc rancho ty
E2628 Mobile arm supports reclinin
E2629 Friction dampening arm supp
E2630 Monosu­spe­nsion arm/hand supp
E2631 Elevat proximal arm support
E2632 Offset/lat rocker arm w/ela
E2633 Mobile arm support supinator