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Check Before Buying New Home Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

Check Before Buying New Home

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


1. The Neighb­orhood

If the home that's for sale is in a neighb­orhood you don't know well, it's worth a few trips to the neighb­orhood during different times of day. Check out the neighb­orhood at night—is it a place where you'd feel safe once the sun goes down? Is the home in a college neighb­orhood where late-night parties may keep you up at night?

Cell Signal

If you rely on a cell phone for just about everyt­hing, check to see if you can get a signal inside the home for sale. If you can't get cell service, will this be a problem for you?

3. Your Commute

What will your commute be like to and from work? Test your commute from the house that's for sale. See what rush hour is like in the morning and in the evening.

4. Noise

Noise can be an issue for many home buyers. Is there plane or train traffic noise? Is the home near a freeway? If you're a light sleeper, noise can be major problem

5. Associ­ation Fees and Rules

Is the home that's for sale in a community where you'll have to pay homeowner associ­ation dues? Will you be able to paint your front door your favorite color? If the home is in an associ­ation, find out what the dues are and read through the bylaws.

6. Neighbors

Ask about the neighbors and try to meet them, if possible. Neighbors can make or break how you feel about your home. Meeting your neighbors can really help you gain insight into what the neighb­orhood is like.

Homes for Sale

7. Resale Value

Even if you plan on staying in the home for several years, consider the resale value. Does the home back up to a busy street? Are there several apartment buildings on the street? Is the neighb­orhood undergoing a revita­liz­ation or is it strugg­ling? Consider things that may scare off potential future buyers.

8. Water Pressure

Imagine moving into your new home only to find the water pressure is severely lacking. Make sure to test the faucets, including the shower and give the toilet a flu

9. Bedroo­m-t­o-B­athroom Ratio

When it comes to bedrooms and bathrooms, you'll never regret having more bathrooms. Not having enough bathrooms can make you regret a home purchase.

10. Is There Room to Expand?

When looking at a home for sale, consider if there is room to grow. If you don't have kids now but plan to in the future, will there be enough room? Is there room to add on if needed and would it be afford­able? If you work from home, is there a place where you can do so without distra­ctions