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Change Your Business Address Checklist Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

Change Your Business Address Checklist

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Business owners should make sure they change their business address.

Official Places

1. The IRS, specif­ically Form 8822-C­hange of Address
2. State Department of Revenue. Soon they will send you tax forms. It’s in your best interest to make sure they land at the right address. So you don’t get arrested
3. State Secretary of State to update important amend your business documents
4. Your city or town for any local permits

Your Home Base

5. Your Web site, especially the Contact Us, About and Directions pages
6. Your email signature
7. Your business cards
8. On all direct mailings, signage and hand-out materials you give customers, vendors and family
9. The template you use to create invoices
10. Your bank
11. Your credit card company
12. Your utility companies
13. All vendors who have your old credit card number on file, which will be tied to a different address. This includes your SEO tools provider, your social media tools provider, your bookke­eper, your payroll company, your hosting company, your health insurance company, etc
14. With your company masseuse, your lawyer, and anyone else who sends you an invoice via snail mail
15. Your local post office

Your Local Search Footprint

16. Google Place Page
17. Google+ Company Profile
18. Yahoo Local Search
19. Bing’s Business Portal­/Maps
20. Profes­sional Direct­ories like Best of the Web or the SEOmoz Directory
21. Any locall­y-f­ocused direct­ories
22. Third-­party citation sources like Localeze, InfoUSA, etc
23. Online Business Listings like your Crunchbase profile
24. Any company inform­ation pages associated with confer­ences where you exhibited or spoke
25. Any editable place you can find where “[your brand name] and [old address]” coincide ;)

Your Social Media Presence

26. Company Twitter Profile
27. Facebook Brand Page
28. Yelp Profile
29. LinkedIn Company Page
30. Foursquare
31. Any and all other social profiles where an address is present