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Building Chiller: Retrofit TES & Variable flow Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

Building chiller: Retrofit to TES & Variable flow

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


The design engineer and the CM’s in-house mechanical and electrical coordi­nator will also outline the specific collection of equipment documents in a manner that will make seamless the compil­ation of the preventive mainte­nance (PM) work orders to populate the existing CMMS system so that the required work orders will be ready for day one of owner occupancy of the energy retrof­itted chilled water equipment.

Starting Stage 1

Once the startup has been completed and the ATC subcon­tractor and third-­party commis­sioning and testing, adjusting, and balancing (CxTAB) consultant has completed the water balancing work, the HVAC subcon­tractor will go through an automatic control system initial dry-run demons­tration prior to the CM and his subcon­tra­ctors demons­trating the system to the CxTAB consul­tant. The ATC subcon­tractor should also begin collecting system perfor­mance by trending pertinent HVAC system and equipment data by trending the following:


Outdoor air dry bulb and wet bulb temper­ature
in-room air dry bulb and wet bulb temper­ature
chilled water supply and return temper­ature during the utility company’s peak-load
water supply and return temper­ature during the utility company’s off-pe­ak-load period
safety control points

Stage 2

Taking the same approach as the design engine­ering team, the building’s O&M personnel will use a series of comput­er-­gen­erated touchs­creen project checklists that allows them to confirm that the following facility files have been collected. This process should start at the beginning of constr­uction and not at project closeout so that the facility files can be inputted into a CMMS work order system. Touchs­creen O&M checklists should include:

Docume­ntation & Instru­ctions

The O&M staff will review the contra­cto­r-p­roduced piping field fabric­ati­on/­field coordi­nation drawings prior to fabric­ation. Touchs­creen service check-­lists should include:
Equipment shop drawings
O&M manuals, parts list, and lubricants
troubl­esh­ooting tips
seasonal startup and shutdown instru­ctions

3. Work Locatiom

Location of shutoff valves, ATC valves, and balancing valves
Equipment and control devices
Access for servicing equipment

Water Balancing the Chiller

The water balancing of the chiller, TES tank, and chilled water system along with the final TAB report will be included in the preventive mainte­nance work order system for rebala­ncing in a couple of years. In addition, the hydraulic modeling of the entire chilled water system will be updated after the final TAB report. This will require the CxTAB consultant to provide the water balancing reports along with the associated system flow diagrams noting quantities and pressures for rebala­ncing if necessary as part of the project closeout documents. Touchs­creen training checklists should include:


Automatic controls
Energy managemen