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Branded Community is Best Lead Nuturing Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

Branded Community is Best Lead Nuturing

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Brand community is a term used to describe like-m­inded consumers who identify with a particular brand and share signif­icant traits. Consumers organize into these commun­ities to share their experi­ences of a brand. Some believe that the brand community is the rightful owner of the brand.

Marketing is getting more personal. The consumer now plays a crucial role. They are not just one of the many receiving generic branded content. Display ads and tradit­ional forms of advert­ising have lost their effect­iveness as influence marketing comes in to reshape the way brands sell their products.

Influence marketing focuses on influe­ncers, everyday people who have the power to affect the purchase decisions of their friends and family. These people don’t have to be Justin Bieber or Beyoncé because social media has leveled the playing field so anyone can make an impact.

To activate influe­ncers to share your branded content with their network, one tactic is to create a branded community of your everyday influe­ncers.

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1. Why do you need an exclusive brand community?
In a generic community, you can’t tell who your top influe­ncers are. Commun­ities that live on social networks welcome anyone to like or follow their brand. Popular pages like Starbucks have millions of likes on Facebook. But, only a small percentage of Starbucks’ Facebook fans actively engage with the page. This means brands don’t know who their most influe­ntial customers are and they treat all fans the same.

When you create and own an exclusive community, every member is an involved, top contri­butor. With exclus­ivity you can ensure that every member in your closed community is both influe­ntial and relevant to your brand.

2. Members of your exclusive community will be more intrin­sically motivated to engage
Because influe­ncers must apply for admittance or receive an invitation to your brand community, they have to earn the privilege of being exclusive members. With this in mind, once admitted, they will be more intrin­sically motivated to be actively involved.

Influe­ncers find value in contri­buting their ideas and opinions and are more likely to increase their engagement when they know your brand has chosen to listen to their opinions in a private enviro­nment.

3. Brand community members can become its best promoters
Members of a brand community drive the brand message (and their passion for it) into the market. They have the ability to influence their friend’s and family’s purchase decisions through the power word-o­f-m­outh.

Branded Community

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4. Exclusive commun­ities help influe­ncers build relati­onships with each other
When a limited number of people are admitted into your community, members will likely connect with each other because the space is more intimate. Brand commun­ities bring people together whom otherwise, may never have interacted despite having similar passions. In your community, members can discuss certain topics and enjoy the benefits of being exclusive members together. As a brand, this can amplify your overall impact.

5. You won’t lose your influencer relati­onships
With the declining reach in today’s social media world, brands have to pay to reach the fans of their pages. But, why pay to rent your social media commun­ities when you can own a community? Instead of contin­uously paying and struggling to find the right eyeballs, you can take action and own a community where your most influe­ntial customers will always see your content.

6. Selective brand commun­ities help you collect important data
A group of relevant and reliable consumers is an incredible resource for collecting both quanti­tative and qualit­ative data to get a better unders­tanding and build a detailed profile of who you’re selling to. Ask group members what they think of a certain campaign you’re thinking of running, poll them about current operat­ions, or get feedback on a new product before it’s released.

With a selective brand community, you have the ability to crowd-­source for customer opinion much more effect­ively than other tactics such as putting together focus groups.

7. You can integrate your brand community insight with CRM

As you contin­uously collect data from your influencer community, you can integrate your other systems to match. Integr­ation allows you to leverage data from your community to improve your CRM system. Imagine if a top influencer went to one of your in store locations and, because of the integr­ation, they were able to cut the line or receive a discount or gift.

8. Membership programs can deepen customer relati­onships
Because brand commun­ities are cohesive groups, marketers can treat customers like subscr­ibers and create member­shi­p-o­riented programs to improve and lengthen customer relati­ons­hips. Members can gain access to certain commun­ication programs like magazines, websites, ebooks, live events, etc. This way, you can amplify the effect­iveness of your promotions and lower your costs.

These members can also receive special discounts, sample items, and other rewards for being part of an exclusive community.

9. Increase the effect­iveness of your other marketing initia­tives
When you create your brand community, you’ll have a group of your most engaged customers. As argued earlier, this group of influe­ncers is inevitably the rightful owner of your brand. They are an incredibly valuable resource with a variety of insights.

Allotting some of your marketing budget to create a branded community of top influe­ncers is a great way to gather opinions about your other marketing efforts. If you’re planning to run a campaign, you can simply ask your community to see what ideas resonate best.