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Boost Social Media Marketing Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

Boost Social Media Marketing

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Social media marketing has become tougher than ever. Everyone has access to it yet only the smartest and most resour­ceful will prevail. Here are some simple yet effective ways to improve your social media marketing perfor­mance. Remember – the key is to understand the simplicity of your strategy and to offer it your 100 percent willpower, discipline and care.

1. Know your audience well

The No. 1 rule in business (B2B and B2C) is to know your customer. In B2B marketing, your audience is made up of profes­sionals who clearly know what they’re doing. To save you time, energy and budget, you should ensure that you know exactly what type of profes­sionals you’ll approach in the future.

2. Create buyer personas

To optimize your audience establ­ishing process, you should create buyer personas. These are the imaginary and ideal future customers of your business – your social media marketing strategies should be aligned with their mindset, needs, problems, desires, circum­stances and personal charac­ter­istics.

3. Analyze your compet­itors

You must never reinvent the wheel. As a wise man once said, “There’s nothing new under the sun.” If you want to thrive in your niche market­place, you should play smart and get insights on your biggest compet­itors’ marketing strate­gies.

Social media profiles are open, especially the business ones. Pay attention to your compet­itors’ strate­gies: content marketing, SEO, influencer marketing. To speed up the process, you should leverage compet­itive analysis tools.

4. Feature your employees’ voices

If you have employees, make sure you use their voice to improve your brand’s awareness, influence, and trust. If your brand members are happy, your brand will look happy, and therefore it’ll become more approa­chable. This strategy is called employee advocacy, and it’s the perfect strategy to humanize your company and demons­trate competency at the same time.

5. Don’t be afraid to invest in social ads

Being afraid to put money into your social media campaigns is absurd. In the B2B enviro­nment, you can’t expect to be one of the top figures unless you’re truly dedicated and resour­ceful. You must also have guts – and that’s what ads are all about. If you dare to develop and activate an out-of­-th­e-box ad campaign (no matter on which network), you are likely to see amazing results.

6. Improve your content’s quality

If you want to impress your future clients, your content must be except­ional. Here are some of the aspects that come into my mind whenever I refer to qualit­ative content:
Relevant and concise
Simple language
Provides REAL VALUE (appli­cable, access­ible, and genuine)
A unique value propos­ition – why is your content better than the rest?
Lastly, as Michael Farwell, B2B Marketing Manager at Essay Geeks service suggests, “Don’t destroy your profes­sional reputation by committing inoffe­nsive yet deadly grammar and spelling mistakes.”

7. Diversify your multimedia content

When you distribute your content on social media, ensure that you’re not sharing only text. Diversify your content and offer your followers a chance to indirectly tell what they like (through engage­ment). Post videos, audio, graphics, whitep­apers, text and keep rotating.

8. Optimize your CTAs

According to SmallB­izT­rends, 70 percent of small businesses don’t leverage CTAs on their online platforms. That’s insane, consid­ering the importance of a well-p­laced CTA (call-­to-­act­ion). Internet users are not proactive by nature. In fact, most websites visitors come and go. Therefore, your role is to create a bridge between you and your random site visitors. Create powerful CTAs and lead your traffic to your email or products better than ever.

9. Leave your valuable opinion on breaking news

As long as your online platform has a decent brand awareness and reputa­tion, you will be treated as an authority in your field. Whenever breaking news get published, ensure that your brand’s name is always present in the comments, ensuring that value & quality answers and opinions have been provided.