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Blueprint for Excellence - Veterans Health Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Intent: The four themes and ten essential strategies contained in the Blueprint for Excellence frame a set of activities that simult­ane­ously address improving the perfor­mance of VHA healthcare now, developing a positive service culture, transi­tioning from “sick care” to “health care” in the broadest sense, and developing agile business systems and management processes that are efficient, transp­arent and accoun­table.

Four Themes

1. Improve Perfor­mance
2. Promote a Positive Culture of Service
3. Advance Health Care Innovation for Veterans and the Country
4. Increase Operat­ional Effect­iveness and Accoun­tab­ility

Ten Strategies

1. Strategy One: Operate a health care network that antici­pates and meets the unique needs of enrolled Veterans, in general, and the service disabled and most vulnerable Veterans, in partic­ular.
2. Strategy Two: Deliver high quality, Vetera­n-c­entered care that compares favorably to the best of private sector in measured outcomes, value, access, and patient experi­ence.
3. Strategy Three: Leverage inform­ation techno­logies, analytics, and models ofhealth care delivery to optimize individual and population health outcomes.
4. Strategy Four: Grow an organi­zat­ional culture, rooted in 4 core values and mission, that priori­tizes the Veteran first; engaging and inspiring employees to their highest possible level of perfor­mance and conduct.
5. Strategy Five: Foster an enviro­nment of continuous learning, respon­sible risk-t­aking, and personal accoun­tab­ility.
6. Strategy Six: Advance health care that is person­alized, proactive, and patien­t-d­riven, and engages and inspires Veterans to
their highest possible level of health and well-b­eing.
7. Strategy Seven: Lead the nation in research and treatment of military servic­e-r­elated condit­ions.
8. Strategy Eight: Become a model integrated health services network through innovative academic, interg­ove­rnm­ental and community
relati­ons­hips, inform­ation exchange, and public­-pr­ivate partne­rships
9. Strategy Nine: Operate and commun­icate with integrity, transp­arency and accoun­tab­ility that earns and maintains the trust of Veterans, stewards of the system (Congress, Veterans Service Organi­zat­ions) and the public.
10. Strategy Ten: Modernize management processes in human resources, procur­ement, payment, capital infras­tru­cture, and inform­ation technology to operate with benchmark agility and effici­ency.

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