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Balance Training - Ba Duan Jin Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

Ancient Chinese Exercise for Balance Training

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Current studies have suggested that Ba Duan Jin training appears to have substa­ntive benefits for older adults with physical and mental disorders, such as anxiety, depres­sion, hyperl­ipi­demia, spinal problems, osteoa­rth­rosis, and type 2 diabetes (An et al., 2013; Hsu, Wang, Liu, & Liu, 2008; Mei, Chen, Ge, Zheng, & Chen, 2012). Ba Duan Jin has several health effects, and the levels of exercise intensity and simplicity of movements make it suitable for practice among older adults. The purpose of the current study was to assess the efficacy of Ba Duan Jin in improving the balance ability of Chinese commun­ity­-dw­elling older adults.

Authors: Ms. Liu is Lecturer, College of Medicine (Nursing), Chengdu Univer­sity; Ms. Gao is Professor, Ms. Yang is Associate Professor, and Ms. Bai is Teaching Assistant, College of Nursing, Chengdu University of Tradit­ional Chinese Medicine; and Mr. Yin is Resident Physician, Hospital affiliated with Chengdu University of Tradit­ional Chinese Medicine, Chengdu, China.

Qigong Ba Duan Jin

Qigong is a combin­ation of postures, medita­tion, and movements designed to improve holistic health and facilitate mind–body integr­ation (Jones, 2001; McCaffrey & Fowler, 2003). In tradit­ional Chinese medicine, “Qi” is the most basic element, consti­tuting the human body and mainta­ining life activi­ties. The movement of Qi throughout the entire body regulates physio­logical function (Chi, 2012). Qigong Ba Duan Jin (Ba Duan Jin, transl­ation: eight-­section brocade) is an ancient Chinese health gymnastics technique. Ba Duan Jin has eight combin­ations of different body movements, therefore named Ba Duan Jin. Ba means eight, Duan means section, and Jin means brocade (i.e., symbolic of something luxuri­ous).

Historical records show Ba Duan Jin has been practiced for more than 800 years. Ba Duan Jin is designed in accordance with the theory of the laws of motion and holism (i.e., the human body is regarded as an organic whole) to facilitate integrated Qi movements, and it reflects the theory of tradit­ional Chinese medicine and health concepts.

Ba Duan Jin

Ba Duan Jin Aerobic Exercise

Ba Duan Jin is a low-in­tensity aerobic exercise. A complete set comprises eight postures (Figure) in addition to beginning and ending movements. Ba Duan Jin protocol for the current study follows the General Admini­str­ation of Sport of China (2003), which is the most popular style. A Ba Duan Jin exercise program typically includes three phases:
(a) warm-up prepar­ation (1 minute);
(b) set of eight movements performed three times (appro­xim­ately 30 minutes);
(c) relaxation and cool down (2 minutes).

The practice methods of Ba Duan Jin include three regula­tions:
(a) body focus
(b) mind focus
(c) breath focus

The slow, gentle, graceful movements of Ba Duan Jin, combined with medita­tion, deep breathing, and relaxa­tion, move Qi throughout the body.

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