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Baking Hacks: Food Substitutions Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

Baking Hacks: Food Substitutions

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


1. Black beans for flour
2. Whole wheat flour for white flour
3. Unswee­tened applesauce for sugar
4. Unswee­tened applesauce for oil or butter
5. Almond flour for wheat flour
6. Avocado puree for butter
7. Brown rice cereal with flax meal for Rice Crispies
8. Marshm­allow Fluff for frosting
9. Natural peanut butter for reduce­d-fat peanut butter
10. Vanilla for sugar
11. Mashed bananas for fats
12. Nut flours for flour
13. Coconut flour for flour
14. Meringue for frosting
15. Graham crackers for cookies (in pie crusts)
16. Evaporated skim milk for cream
17. Stevia for sugar
18. Prunes for butter
19. Cacao nibs for chocolate chips
20. Chia seeds for butter
21. Chia seeds for eggs
22. Flax meal for eggs
23. Brown rice for white rice
24. Quinoa for couscous
25. Zucchini ribbons for pasta
26. Turnip mash for mashed potatoes
27. Grated steamed caulif­lower for rice
28. Mashed caulif­lower for mashed potatoes
29. Rolled oats for breadcrumb
30. Whole wheat pasta for regular pasta
31. Crushed flax or fiber cereal for bread crumbs
32. Spaghetti squash for pasta
33. Pita for bread
34. Lettuce leaves for tortilla wraps
35. Corn tortilla for flour tortilla


Here at Greatist, we’re always looking for ways to make our favorite foods healthier without sacrif­icing flavor. So we compiled a list of our best substi­tutions and discovered some new ones along the way. Below are our 83 (!) top picks, guaranteed to make that next meal a delicious, healthier hit. It wasn’t easy taste-­testing all this food, but someone sure had to. Right?